Timbren Suspension

When you think of Off Grid Trailers, a few words might come to mind such as rugged, well made, compact, and reliable. At Off Grid, our mission is to ensure that every model we produce is of the highest quality and standard. That is why we have partnered with Timbren, manufacturers of award-winning axle less suspension systems.

In partnering with Timbren, we at Off Grid are confident that our units are not only safer and more reliable, but also that they will enhance your off-roading experience due to their ability to handle even the toughest terrain. This is due to the combined efforts of Off Grid Trailers and Timbren to mate an engineered frame tailor-made and designed for the Timbren axle less systems.

Timbren Industries began with the premise that suspension could and should work better. Founded in Canada in 1968, Timbren has grown a team of experts with one focus, to offer the world’s best suspension products. Timbren carefully researches and designs each new product to meet engineering standards of excellence. In Off Grid’s case, this meant pairing an independent suspension system to our chassis that would allow our trailers to effectively meet the demands placed upon them by extreme off-roading conditions.

Timbren’s independent suspension system allows each wheel on the trailer to move vertically, reacting to a bump on the road independent of the other wheels. This type of suspension system offers many advantages over other suspension systems such as giving the unit uninterrupted ground clearance, as well as increasing the serviceability of the system in the event of a breakdown — something that is highly desirable for any off-roading enthusiast.

In a solid axle suspension system, when one wheel hits a bump, it affects both wheels, which can compromise traction, smoothness of the ride, and may also cause a dangerous wheel shimmy when moving at high speeds.

With Timbren’s independent suspension system, the bump primarily affects only the contacted wheel, thereby creating greater ride comfort, better traction, and a safer, more stable vehicle on and off the road. This is primarily due to the heavy-duty steel brackets used in construction, and the progressive jounce and rebound springs that create a constant tension within the unit. In addition to the suspension, Timbren also offers the industries leading braking system, which comes standard in all of Off Grid’s units.

At Off Grid, we are committed to producing the finest, most extreme teardrop trailers in North America and the world. Our partnership with Timbren helps us do just that by ensuring that our products continue to deliver on safety, and a superior off-road experience!

Learn more about Timbren by visiting Timbren.com

Update: You can now buy Timbren axle-less suspensions and brake drums directly from Off Grid Trailers.

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