Camping on Red Deer River

Our first trip with the Pando. We hadn’t sold our house yet but wanted to take the Pando, our new home to our favourite camping spot on the Red Deer river. We never like to check the weather but sometimes it would be helpful. When we arrived to the trailhead we had never seen the puddles so big. Not having much trailer towing experience I was a little nervous. It was definitely the start to our adventure. We got through and spent two nights riverside. Learning the ins and outs of our new home on wheels. With the rain continuing to come down we had to prepare ourselves for the trip out. We now knew the Pando could go anywhere we wanted behind the 4Runner. As the days got closer to full-time Pando living we were one step closer to finding the most beautiful places in Canada

It’s not always backroads and beautiful sunsets. It’s a lot harder to keep bedsheets clean compared to a sleeping bag … but feels way more comfortable

Each spot we go to brings it’s own positives and negatives. We are learning rainy days and wet wood are inevitable. Like I’ve read from others this lifestyle is about learning how to adapt and always find the best in everything.

Get the fire started it’s Friday. Nose is dripping hands are cold, sun is behind the trees. Having the right wood is key for fire starting – these old logging roads have plenty to explore and clean up

Teamwork make things soo much easier – the best team communicates creating strategies to succeed

Maybe not quite the post you would expect – but the @maxxairvent is the difference between a good night sleep or waking up multiple times throughout the night. This and the furnace are two options we would recommend when purchasing an @offgridtrailers adventure rig

This is what we have worked for.
The ability for full time possibilities. The chance to take life full on. Making it to the island was the plan. Find the warmest spot, prepare for the rain, and camp out the winter. Exploring new surroundings. We haven’t found our winter chill spot yet as we tour the old logging roads checking out what the rec sites have to offer during the off season. We have a couple more places to check out on our way closer to Victoria. If you have any suggestions please let us know … 🏕

Wake up everybody. It’s a beautiful morning out here on the west coast. Enjoy your Sunday ☀️

Where’s Rebel ? No matter where we end up this little guy always finds a shrub, bush or hole to crawl into. We normally keep him on a pretty tight leash, but he’s been getting a little more freedom these days 🐾

Breakfast time is almost the same as dinner time. We have been getting more into a routine, especially when we stop for more than one night. The kitchen setup was the reason we chose the Pando. Way more counter space compared to the expedition and a more organized feeling. We do have the additional fridge in the front storage that we use for a freezer/fridge, but everything else is conveniently located at the back. 🏔

Stay updated with us as we being to live full time in our Off Grid Trailer.

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