Our First Trip – Mother’s Day Weekend 2018

We excitedly picked up our new trailer on the Friday morning, quickly packed it and headed off to our happy place -the mountains.  We had travelled to the mountains many times before, but always from Jasper to the south.  This time we headed a bit north of Jasper, to the Grande Cache area.  Maria grew up farther north near Grande Prairie and had been in this area numerous times when young, but this was our first time exploring the area together.

This trip was all about learning.  Learning how to camp with a small trailer.  Learning how to research back country areas to explore and camp with no services.  Learning how to pack out what you pack in.  Learning what the Off Grid Trailer is capable of, and how it will give us the ability to explore in a way that we never have before.

Our first night was in a campground at Rock Lake (I know, not what it’s designed for). It was nice to learn how easy it was to manoeuvre when backing up.  We didn’t have to worry about levelling the trailer, just put it in place and set up camp.  Since it was so early in the season we were the only ones in the campground and had our pick of spots.


The next day we started to explore.  First, we found a couple of easy hikes to do, and then we went looking for a trail and a spot to camp for the second night.  Our initial search was a bust, but then we decided to venture down Beaver Dam Road. It was the roughest road I had ever been on so far.  We had to squeeze over on the road a couple of times when other vehicles came toward us, including when we met a mini van.  I thought “Wow, what a stupid idea to bring a mini van on this road, it’s so rough”.  But, they were out exploring and the van was doing fine!  As I look back now, that trail was actually a logging road, and not that difficult.  The trailer had no issues with it at all.  Further down the road we didn’t encounter anyone else. The views were amazing and it felt wonderful to be out exploring in the spring sunshine!


That night we didn’t find an epic camp spot, just a flat spot off the side of the road (though there was a small creek not far from us that we could listen to). With all the amenities of the trailer though you can create an epic camp spot even if it’s not the best place to start with.  You still have an awesome bed to sleep in and a wonderful kitchen to make a simple or elaborate meal.  It was a beautiful, quiet spot to rest in, and other than the one truck passed by in the early evening, we were all alone. 

The next morning we had a beautiful sunrise and breakfast was bannock cooked over the fire. 

This was a trip that really wet our appetite for more.  To have the freedom to spend time in remote areas and still have some comfort while doing it, the Off Grid Trailer is a fantastic platform to get out and explore.  We have come a long way from this first trip and how we camp has changed as we learn through trial and error.


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