A Hunter's Cabin

If you’re an avid hunter, or just a beginner the great outdoors is one of your favourite places to be! You love sleeping under a blanket of stars or trekking into the woods to find the perfect spot to set up your blind.

All of this gets your blood pumping with excitement!

You anticipate hunting season—counting down the days like a football fan awaiting the Super Bowl. The forest calls to you, beckoning you to come and stay awhile.

You’re at ease with nature, comfortable deep in the woods or off the grid where the scent of leaves and pinecones bring a smile to your face.

Back Country Adventure! 

As the days approach to your departure, you plan, pack, clean your tools, bows, guns and traps a dozen times. This year you may try somewhere different, or you’ll go to the same spot you found luck last year. The weather and how far into the back country you go will depend on how much gear you bring.

But what if you could transport everything you need plus more with less hassle?

A hunter’s dream, right?

1,800 Pounds of Digitally-Welded Compact Versatility!

At Off Grid Trailers, we have the perfect hunter’s cabin that will go anywhere you want to take it. An off road, rugged, tailored for the outdoorsman, and deep into the wood’s adventurer! A camper you can pull up hills, down mountains and deep into the bush.

Sounds pretty amazing, we know.

You’re probably thinking we are talking about an RV, but this unit is so much more at a fraction of the size. The Expedition is your new home away from home while on the hunt.

We know hunters like to go off the grid and right into the heart of nature. With this vinyl-wrapped aluminum and angular trailer you can do just that!

We aren’t kidding!

The Expedition is built entirely of metal and composites with a steel mainframe and aluminum storage compartments. This compact trailer not only gets you where you need to go, but also allows you to bring the comforts of home along. You’ll sleep like a baby on the high-density memory foam mattress. With added bonus’s such as; 4 USB ports, interior LED lighting, 31-gallon CSA approved freshwater tank, a dual smart shore power charger, Zamp solar-ready port and tons of storage!

Small and compact is exactly what this trailer is!

If you require more space, we offer a rooftop tent for your camper!

Don’t worry about keeping your food cold this trailer has a 60L fridge, along with an outdoor galley kitchen! A stainless-steel dual burner stove, countertop, deep sink, strainer and fold-down faucet all make things easy when cleaning your day’s catch.

Relax in Comfort.

After a full day of hunting and trekking through the wilderness you’ll love coming back to this cross-country camper with all the amenities of home! Relax by a crackling fire before you rest your head in comfort and be fully refreshed for what your next adventure brings!

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