Hiking Adventure!

If you’ve ever stood on the edge of a cliff and looked out at the countryside below, you probably felt on top of the world. Most people hike for the same reason—to feel exhilarated—to be right in the thick of mother nature. It’s the thrill of climbing that mountain or trekking miles on rocky terrain, through dense forests, and across rivers that pulls you to the outdoors. To say it plainly; hiking off grid is in your blood.

Whether you’re hiking up mountains, or you desire a leisurely flat ground trek, you will need a few supplies to get you through your next adventure.

There are so many reasons why a form of GPS is essential for the outdoor enthusiast.

Safety is #1. Wherever you go you must prepare for the unexpected and GPS can be your lifeline to help. Our favourite GPS is Gaia

Most of us have hiked a time or two, some going further and for more adventure while others only want to experience a small portion. Whatever level of hiking you choose; we’ve come up with some great places you must try this summer while remote camping.

The bucket list begins with a name we are sure most of you are familiar with.


Yosemite Natural Park. Known as one of the largest national parks in California, Yosemite is littered with hiking trails for all skill levels. Glacier Point Road is full of trails for the avid hiker. With a list of each trails length and severity choosing your path will be easier. Sentinel Dome and Taft Point are listed for the low to moderate hiker coming in at a two-hour hike on mostly flat land. If you’re looking for something more extreme the Ostrander Lake trail is more strenuous at ten hours of trekking off grid.


For those who love long hiking foot-paths the Appalachian Natural Scenic Trail is the longest one in the world at 2,190 miles in length from Maine to Georgia. People come from all over the world to hike this trail and we can see why. If you’re up for the adventure you can hike the whole 2,190 miles straight through, or you can hike a portion while camping. Whichever way you choose, you’re in for an adventure!

Zion National Park calls to the historical adventurer. There is nothing more exciting than standing on the same soil as your ancestors—seeing the ancient ruins found within the park as you tour the museum. Located in the Utah Rockies and with over 90 miles of trails to explore, Zion National Park can be your next hiking destination.


The Pacific Crest Trail is another long trek leading from Canada to Mexico. This trail is 2,650 miles long and is broken up into smaller day hikes to long distance hiking. Depending on the sights you want to see, you can choose certain areas like the Oregon which is more subdued with no peaks or large inclines. While hiking this trail you will get to enjoy the mountainous views of the Three Sisters, Mount Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Mount Jefferson and Mount Hood. For the avid adventurer Washington, The Bridge of the Gods will test your hiking abilities. This trail will have you climbing rugged terrain to high a mountain pass only to descend and repeat over and over again. But it will all be worth it when you see the spectacular views awaiting you at the top.

Knowing where you’re going is key to having a safe adventure. Make sure to research your next hiking destination and plan ahead!

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