Off Grid Tech Gadgets

The weather is warming up and we bet all of you off-road adventurers cannot wait to hit the trail. This year brings new and exciting gadgets to take on your trek through the wilderness while keeping you safe and offering a bit of the comforts of home.

So what does a backwoods guy or gal look for when heading off grid and into the back country? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tech gadgets we thought you’d love!

With a 15-foot area of protection and cool lighting this ambient lantern not only looks fashionable but will keep those pesky bugs from biting you all night long. Explore the wilderness knowing you’ll come back to camp bite-free! 

  • Requires 4 AA batteries
  • Refills last 12 hours
  • Can use lantern without repellent

This handy dandy straw makes drinking water off the grid worry free. You no longer have to be afraid of drinking contaminated water filled with parasites and bacteria while out hiking or in the backwoods.

  • Good for up to 5 years (no shelf life)
  • Durable and light
  • Easy to clean and store+
  • Protects against harmful bacteria’s

Small and light weight portable generators are easy to store and an essential item when camping off grid. An inverter generator is quieter, uses cleaner electricity and is fuel efficient.

  • Pull cord or electric start
  • Eco-mode
  • Outlets
  • Bluetooth 

This small hand-held coffee making machine is your ticket to a cup of joe while living off grid!

Compact and stylish, this café machine makes it easy to refuel for the day. Taking only two minutes to brew and staying hot for up to 3 hours what more could an adventurer want?

  • Easy to store and pack away
  • Leave no waste behind with the stainless-steel micro-filter
  • Durable so you can take it anywhere

This camp stove does more than keep you warm! Yes, you read that right. This compact stainless-steel mini stove can cook your meals and charge your gear all at the same time.

  • Burn small branches or pellets
  • Boil’s water in less than 5 min
  • Includes a lamp
  • Charge devices


Wherever you decide to take your adventure, be sure that you are prepared and have all the off grid essentials. We have an array of supplies needed to make your next camping trip one you won’t forget! 

Overlanding is often about getting remote, and being able to stay longer in the back of beyond. One way to facilitate long periods in the backcountry is with an overland trailer, and there are few companies that make one as suitable as the Off Grid Expedition 2.0. We try to be reserved with our praise, but this trailer is one of the best overland trailers on the market, its predecessor winning the Overland Journal Editor’s Choice award

Off Road is Better!

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