Packing For Your First Overlanding Expedition

You’ve read endlessly about overlanding and watched countless videos on the exciting possibilities of adventure. You have your Off Grid Trailer and you’re ready to hit the open road.  Travel roads less traveled and dive into your first overlanding expedition.  Not so fast!  Be sure to take your time packing for your first overlanding expedition to make sure you have a list of essential items you’ll need to pack to be not only comfortable, but safe.

Think of your vehicle and your Off Grid Trailer as your mobile backpack.  And, like a backpack, space is limited.  Luckily, Off Grid Trailer models are equipped with ample storage areas to keep the essentials you’ll need organized and in place while you’re off grid.

To assure your first overlanding expedition goes smoothly, we’ve put together a list of items you shouldn’t leave home without. 

Tire Equipment

Tire Kit

Having a tire kit packed with a pressure gauge, tire deflator, and plug will help you monitor your tires as you travel.

Small Air Compressor

Investing in a small air compressor is also a good idea should you need to adjust tire pressure settings for the trails you’re traveling through.  Many compressors can be used with your trailer’s auxiliary power and tend to be faster inflating.

Jack Kit

You’ll definitely want to pack a jack kit just in case you need to change a damaged tire. A Hi-Lift Jack will lift your vehicle so you can fix a flat or raise your vehicle high enough to place a set of mats or pads under you spinning wheel to get you unstuck from rough terrain.

Spare Tire

All Off Grid Trailer models offer an optional front-mounted spare tire carrier which includes the tire and rim.  It may be worthwhile to invest in the peace-of-mind the spare will provide as you travel across rough terrain miles away from service.  


Road Recovery Kit

When traveling through rough terrain or a new trail, there will be times where you reach your vehicle’s limits and will need to pull yourself out of an obstacle. If your vehicle is not equipped with a heavy-duty, pull-rated winch, it’s a really good idea to invest in one so you can look forward to those obstacles rather than fearing them.

Your recovery kit should include a recovery strap, tree saver, snatch block, heavy-duty work gloves and at least two D-rings. Other useful addons may include recovery chain, extra shackles plus a durable bag to store everything in.  Since your trailer provides additional space for storage, you may also want to consider bringing along a shovel, ax, and ramp for those really hard to remove obstacles, especially if you’re on your own.


Be sure to pack a toolbox with automotive tools, screwdrivers, pillars, wrenches, grips, etc. and don’t forget your multi-tool, which can be handy in most every situation. Packing WD40, zip ties, various ropes, duct tape, and back up engine and gear oils helps you prepare for just about any maintenance scenario.

First Aid Kit

Anytime you venture in the wilderness, you need to be ready for the unexpected.  Having a fully stocked first aid kit is critical.  Sure, some minor cuts and scrapes will happen while on the trail but it’s also important to be ready for anything more serious.  Make sure you have an adventure medical kit on hand which covers everything you’ll need for trauma injuries, snake bites, to blisters and burns.

Tick Removal Kit

Be sure to also include a tick removing tool and take precautions when traveling through heavy foliage-covered trails. If you find yourself or your pet with a tick follow the recommended instructions per Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation or the Center for Disease Control in the U.S. You can also order a tick removal kit containing everything you need to properly handle a tick bite.

Food and Water

Off Grid Trailer are equipped with onboard galleys and fridge/freezers, plus a built-in pantry and clean water storage.  These conveniences make it easy to set up your galley and start cooking right away.

Choose healthy food options that will give you plenty of energy and won’t spoil quickly. Be sure to eat raw fruits and veggies first or keep fresh by storing them in the fridge. Dehydrated fruits, veggies and jerky are great options too. Rice, canned beans and hearty soups are easy to pack and a good source of protein to keep you adventuring.

How much food you’ll need will be dependent on how many people are with you and how long your trip will be.  Always plan on bringing extra food and water just in case your trip goes longer than expected.


While you’re in the backcountry, whether alone or with a group, it’s always good to have a way to communicate if help is needed.  CB radio systems are a popular way to keep in touch with access to various radio frequencies.  Satellite phones, which rely on satellites rather than cell phone towers, are also an option and can be used anywhere in the world. Whatever the option, be sure you have a way of communicating if needed.


Although the point of an overlanding adventure may be to discover new roads and trails, it’s still important to have an idea of where you are and where you’re going.  Don’t forget to pack lots of maps or even a bring GPS system.  Knowing where you are will not only help you if get lost, it will help people find you quickly if you need help or there is an emergency. All Off Grid Trailers receive a free one-year subscription to Gaia GPS offering a ton of off trail maps and camping spots.


Other Items

This is also your time to enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer.  Pack some comforts of home to make your utility trailer comfy and cozy when you need a rest.  Warm bedding and pillow will help to make your sleeping area even more comfortable after a long day of adventuring.  Don’t forget galley essentials such as pots and pans, utensils, and plates.

Bring along some chairs, outdoor games, and even fishing equipment to really take advantage of the environment and have some fun.

Preparing for your first overlanding expedition can be overwhelming.  Stay focused and organized so you remember to bring all the essential items you’ll need for a fun, safe, and successful journey. Happy trails!


For more information on Off Grid Trailers or to build your own trailer, contact us today!

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