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My husband used to ask me what I dreamt of doing when the kids were grown, and we were retired, and my answer for years was ‘I don’t know’ or some variant of that.  I was too busy raising the kids to think about what I wanted to do after they were on their own and I couldn’t begin to imagine having time for the two of us.

But one day I realized that what I wanted to do was ramble our way across Canada in a VW Bus.  And so the search began, we started off with some random searches, we really didn’t know what we wanted or where to start (but the VW Bus idea went out the window pretty fast!)  We looked at trailers and motor homes, truck toppers and teardrops, at Patriots and Conquerors and we fell in love with Unimog’s for a while.  We went from thinking we would tow something to driving a rig and back again more than once.  Along the way we discovered Expedition Portal and Overland Expo – who knew!

open cabin door off road trailer

The whole process wasn’t linear, we bounced around a lot trying to decide what we wanted but the guiding principle was always ‘Let’s go anywhere’.

We figured out that there were two questions we needed to answer; how we would get from A to B and how we wanted to live once we got there.  We realized that we needed to first decide what we wanted and needed to be able to live away from home for long periods of time. 

We started out needing an indoor kitchen, bathroom and bed, ok I started out needing all that.  I didn’t want to have to be standing outside in the rain or wind trying to cook a meal, I didn’t want to have to stumble outside at night to use the washroom and I wanted to be able to sleep in a comfortable bed inside – my days of sleeping in a tent were over. 

overland camper trailer

I realized that if I held out for all those things, we would never get past the dreaming stage. I kept reading and researching and as I read about dumping grey and black water tanks, (yuck) I quickly changed my mind about an indoor washroom, an outdoor shower and portable toilet would be just fine!!  I went back to the researching, this time about awnings and before long came to the decision that cooking outside was doable. And so, we had narrowed it down to a bed – I needed a comfortable bed that I wouldn’t need to set up every night and to be able to sleep inside.

We finally had it narrowed down to the essentials – a bed inside and something we could tow, preferably with our existing vehicle. We both loved the look of the Australian campers and we loved the Conqueror models (and the Bruder) but simply couldn’t swallow the price tag.  Then one day about a year into our search I stumbled across an Off Grid Trailer.  I checked out the website and was intrigued.  At that time there were three models; the Expedition, Pando and the Overlander and I don’t think they were all metal at that time.  I loved the look of the Expedition and loved that they were made in Canada even more.

Initially my husband wasn’t convinced, and we kept looking, but I kept coming back to the Expedition.  It ticked a lot of our boxes; we could tow it with my SUV, it had off road capabilities, we could be self-sufficient and self-contained, we could add accessories that would make it as comfortable as we needed it to be and we could sleep inside and all at a price we could afford.

Before we made our final decision to order we arranged with Off Grid to view a trailer nearby and once we saw one, we were convinced.  We placed our order and anxiously waited for delivery.

For more information on Off Grid Trailers or to build your own trailer, contact us today!

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