Preparing for an Overlanding Adventure with Family

It’s easy to understand why people love overlanding – complete freedom from the hustle of the world and the thrill of exploring roads less traveled.  At every opportunity, Off Grid Trailers are loaded up and hitting the trails for new adventures – either alone or with friends. 

To many people, the thought of brining kids along on an overlanding expedition is enough to trigger massive anxiety.  How would I enjoy my adventure while looking out for the kids?  How would they adjust to being off grid?  How would I enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors? Those of us with kids can certainly understand the trepidation but it doesn’t have to be that way at all!  By managing expectations and with proper planning, the entire family can embrace the off-grid lifestyle. 

Hitting the road together is a great way to strengthen your family bond. Unplug to spend quality time together, explore nature, problem solve, and most importantly, create amazing memories.  We’ve put together a brief guide on how to include your family on your next overlanding expedition.  You can do this!

The Family Meeting

Meeting as a family is a great way to introduce overlanding to your kids.  Explain what overlanding is about and try to paint an honest picture of what the experience will be like.  Show them any photos you have of your own expeditions so they can get a visual of what it’s like.

This is your chance to manage expectations.  Let them know things will get dirty, there’s no bathroom, they’ll hear strange noises at night, and days on the trails can be long. Be sure to also let them know nothing can replace the feeling of being away from it all and exploring our natural world with complete independence.

It’s also the perfect time to educate them on conserving resources while overlanding such as:

  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • When washing dishes, use as little water as possible
  • Take quick showers
  • Don’t leave the water running while brushing teeth
  • Food protection is key at every destination


Planning Your Expedition

You’re used to planning every last detail of your own expedition, but this time, let the family help.  Ask the kids what areas they’d like to travel to and what types of activities they’re interested in exploring; have them pick some waypoints. Show them how to use GaiaGPS to plan out your route so they can visually see where they’re going. Once you select your location, do some research on nearby towns or cities just in case something comes up like someone gets sick and you need to find a doctor. You can also search for rest areas along the route so the kids can get out and stretch their legs for a bit. It may be a good idea to plan a shorter, weekend trip to get everyone’s feet wet. 


Tour the Trailer

Play tour guide and give the family a thorough tour of your Off Grid Trailer.  Show them how the trailer will be setup at basecamp, have them explore and get comfortable. It may also give them perspective on how much (or little) to pack for the trip. The Pando 2.0 is a great overlanding trailer for families because of its ample storage and comfortable amenities such as an optional second fridge, hot water on demand, well-equipped rear galley, and 24” Smartcast LED TV. The Pando 2.0 also includes a standard roof rack that can be converted to a rooftop tent for accommodations, an easily accessible treehouse for the kiddos.

Packing for Your Trip

Packing for the family trip shouldn’t be much different than how you’re used to packing for your own expedition.  Check out our list of packing essentials for a list of must-have items.  The biggest differences will be packing more food and snacks, more clothing, more bedding, and anything specific the kids will need such as a portable camping potty, diapers, games, or special hiking gear.  Packing for an entire family is a lot. Make a checklist so you don’t forget anything important like your daughter’s favorite sleep toy.

Once you’re on your way, sit back, relax and have fun.  The hard part is over!  All you have left to do is setup basecamp and let your kids explore all that nature has to offer. You will most likely have an even greater appreciation for overlanding once you’ve seen it through the eyes of your children.

For more information on Off Grid Trailers or to build your own trailer, contact us today!

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