Go Off Road to Reset Your Mind and Body

Benefits of Taking Time Away from Technology

These days, it’s hard not to stay continuously connected to tech whether for work, school, or checking news or social media. We’ve all got smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart watches constantly throwing messages at us. There’s no escape and a fear of missing something or being left out. There comes a point when your mind and body need a break and you just need to hit pause on all the emails and posts.

Chances are if you have an Off Grid Trailer hitched to your vehicle, you understand the importance of packing up your gear and heading out for an expedition way off the beaten path from time to time. If you’re feeling especially drained, we have some tips on maximizing your time outdoors for a total mind, body, and soul reset. 

Planning Your Recharging Retreat

  1. Before hitting the road, use your GaiaGPS to plan the perfect route. You’ll be less stressed if you know where you’re headed and don’t have to check your phone for directions. View our post suggesting ideas for great hiking
  2. Create a music play list to keep things fun and light while on the road.
  3. Pack some relaxation essentials you know will help you unwind when you arrive. A good bottle of wine or a six pack of your favorite beer, a book you’ve wanted to read, comfortable clothing, and hearty snacks.
  4. Pre-plan your activities such as rafting, hiking or rock climbing or plan to not have a plan and just go exploring!

Benefits of Plugging into Nature

Reduces Stress

Spending time in the great outdoors helps to lower cortisol levels, a hormone that causes symptoms of stress and anxiety, by reducing your heart rate and relaxing your muscles.

Improved Sleep

Nature helps quiet your mind and lower blood pressure. You’ll find it easier to turn your thoughts off as you drift to sleep listening to the peace that surrounds base camp. Your OGT memory foam mattress will also keep things quite comfortable.

Boosts Your Mood

It’s a proven fact that being outdoors, listening to the wind blow, smelling the clean air, and being around wildlife makes us feel happier and more content.

Clears Your Mind

Without distractions from emails or phone calls, you can reconnect with your own thoughts and develop new ideas or mindsets. Practice mindfulness and focus only on enjoying the present.

Gives You Vitamin D

The sun’s rays give us important Vitamin D to help keep our bones healthy and boosts our immune system.  Vitamin D also helps to reduce depression and anxiety, and helps those trying to lose weight.

Offers Quality Family Time

Enjoying uninterrupted time with family or friends helps to strengthen relationships. It means so much more to speak and listen to each other face-to-face with no other distractions. Check out our post on fun nature activities to keep the kids entertained.

 Keeps You Fit

Outdoor activities get your body moving again! There are so many outdoor activities to choose from that really gets the blood flowing and pumps fresh air into your lungs. It’s always great to way to jump start your body back into shape.


We all deal with so much each day that we tend to forget self-care is very important to maintaining a healthy mind and body.  Immersing yourself into the beauty of the outdoors is the best medicine nature can provide.

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