The Thrill of the Hunt

Preparing for a Successful Overland Hunting Adventure

The crisp air and falling leaves can only mean one thing to adventurers…hunting season is upon us!  With the possibility of unpredictable weather this time of year, temperatures can change on a dime so you’ll quickly see how your Off Grid trailer will become your steadfast partner during the hunt.

It’s important to plan a route and make a checklist what supplies you’ll have everything you’ll need for comfortable base camp. Comfort and warmth are critical after a long day in the field. We’ve put together a few extra steps to consider when preparing for your first overland hunting expedition.

Hunting Locations

Once you know what type of game you’ll be hunting, use Gaia GPS to map our routes and locations. Gaia GPS features a catalog including private parcels, public land boundaries, game management units (GMUs), and other overlays. These tools are combined with digital topo maps and vivid satellite imagery making finding the right location easy.

Be absolutely sure what you’re hunting is legal, in season, and if you need any special hunting licenses where you’re traveling to. Be mindful the weapons you’re bringing are legal to use in the areas you have mapped out. Check regulations on handguns and other weapons inside public areas ahead of time to avoid any issues.

Hunter Safety

If you’re new to hunting and your weapons, we recommend taking a hunter’s safety course:

International Hunter Education Association (US)

Canadian Firearms Safety and Hunter Education Course (Canada)

Remember, you’ll be in a remote area and will need to know how to take care of yourself if you run into any issues. Check out our recent post on handling unexpected wildlife encounters. You can never be too prepared!


Overlanding Gear

You’ll want to bring all the gear you normally would on an overlanding adventure since you’re still traveling across remote roads and off grid paths. Reference our post Packing for your First Overlanding Adventure for suggestions.  There are a few items we recommend adding to your list that are specific to hunting:

  1. All weather floormats and seat covers will help keep your vehicle clean during your expedition, especially as you hike across all types of terrain.
  2. Consider a bedliner to help prevent scratches from hooves or antlers.
  3. A gun or bow rack will keep your weapons organized and secure. You may even consider a rack for your Off Grid trailer since it can be locked.
  4. Plug in scent killer for your vehicle and trailer can help eliminate “human smells” and provide you with camouflage while hunting.
  5. Coolers to place in your vehicle for meat storage. Remember to bring enough based on the size of animal you’re hunting.

Make sure you are familiar with all your gear and know how to use everything properly.


Base Camp Set up

Base camp is your sanctuary after a long day of hunting game. Having your Off-Grid trailer guarantees you’ll enjoy its many creature comforts plus provide you with a safe place to relax. 

Off Grid Trailers are all metal and built tough to provide excellent protection against the elements and wild animals.  Be sure to secure the galley any food that may be outside the trailer before getting inside.  Check out our Essential Wilderness Survival Tips

Trailers are also critical as the colder weather moves in.  You’ll enjoy a warm shelter and a good night’s sleep which important to your safety. If this new to overland hunting, you’ll be surprised how a comfortable base camp, with Netflix capability, can make all the difference during those long days!


Storing Meat

It’s critical to keep meat cool right from the start.  Remove the hide of the animal as soon as possible and start processing, including pulling the meat off the bones.  Once all the meat is removed, place it in a quality game bag treated with treated with antimicrobial inhibitors to reduce bacteria and repel insects.

Since you’re storing all your own provisions and gear inside your overlanding trailer, you’re free to fill your truck bed with a number of coolers to store the meat. Cooler weather will definitely help but you need to be prepared if temperatures become warmer, as they sometimes do this time of year.

There’s nothing more exciting for an overlanding enthusiast who has a passion for the hunt.  We wish everyone a fruitful and safe hunting season.

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