How to Prepare for Overlanding
Overlanding Essentials

So you are ready to start overlanding! You have your tow vehicle, and you ideally have an Off Grid Trailer. Next, what do you bring? What will you need? What are your overlanding essentials? Packing is a vital component to the overlanding process as weight and room are two precious resources. Having a list of overlanding essentials to refer to and capture everything you need will easily increase the quality of your overlanding experience.

Overlanding essentials will differ on your journey as it will depend on where you are traveling to, how long, and the temperatures along your adventure. There are several factors to consider such as tools for your rig, equipment for the camper trailer, items to camp, and of course resources you need. Lucky for you we have a list of overlanding essentials that will make your overlanding experience that much smoother and enjoyable!

camping setup with off road trailer


H2O is an overlanding essential, but how much do you bring? In large amounts, water can be quite heavy. Bringing the right amount will save you weight and space. A general rule of thumb is to bring 2 gallons per person per day of travel. This is a safe measurement to go by. This will include your drinking water, meal prep water, and hydration for your pet. Water is also your dog’s overlanding essential. All Off Grid Trailer’s models have built in water storage capability, which is a huge bonus. When in doubt, bring more water than you think. It is best to have too much water than not enough.

Recovery Items

If you plan to be off grid and far away from civilization, you need to be prepared to get yourself out of situations; from blowing a tire, getting unstuck, or clearing fallen trees. Ensure your recovery kit includes items like gloves, tree strap, D shackle, chains, etc. These overlanding essential items will tackle the job.


A well-packed tool kit is an overland essential. From screwdrivers, hack saw, hammer, and zip ties, this is the perfect kit to build up over time. There is plenty of storage in an Off Grid Trailer to store your tools!
Pro tip: Store all your overlanding essential tools in one toolbox. It will make it much easier to stow and go.

First Aid

When you are out in the wilderness, access to emergency responders and medical help can be hours or more away. Ensuring you have a fully stocked medical kit is very easily one of the most important overlanding essential must-haves.

stovetop in overlanding utility trailer


Since you will be far away from a grocery or convenience store, you need to arrange and bring all your food and beverages. Preparing your meals and ensuring food is properly stored is an overlanding essential. What you choose to bring for food will vary greatly from one adventurer to the next. Off Grid Trailers has many kitchen prep and storage options that enable you to load up your trailer with fresh food in a fridge, freezer, or pantry.


Another overlanding essential is everything you will need to prepare your meals, eat your meals, and clean up after your meals. Depending on the length of your trip you can plan to eat boiled meals, mitigating the need to bring some extra cooking gear. However, if your trip is more than 3 or 4 days it is a good idea to bring items to enable you to cook a steak or make some eggs. Other such items to include in your kitchen kit are dishes, cooking utensils, bowls, napkins, etc. Do not forget to bring items to clean up your meal mess such as garbage bags, dish soap, and a container large enough to wash your dishes.


Preparing for a good night’s rest is a normal essential; preparing for a good night’s rest is also an overlanding essential. Depending how you prefer to overland, what you will need for your sleeping quarters will vary. Common bedding items to pack include sleep-in tents, pillows, air mattresses, sleeping bags, etc. If you have the luxury of a sleep-in camper, such as OGT’s Expedition 2.0 or Pando 2.0, you will have your mattress and sleeping foundation ready-to-go.

Clothing and Personal Items

What will impact what you pack is how long you plan to adventure for and the temperatures along your journey. What you wear on day 1 will contribute to your overlanding wardrobe which would generally be socks, a very good pair of outdoor shoes, comfortable stretchy pants, comfortable shirt, and a sweater. If it is going to be cold, pack a jacket. You will be outside a lot of the time, so it is imperative you dress warm. You can always layer down to cool off. Adding to the clothes you are wearing, pack another set of clothing and consider additional items such as gloves and hats if it will be cold.

Your toiletries, medications, and eye wear can ideally fit in one small package. Minimization is the key when overlanding, so bring only what you need.


A few additional overlanding essential items that do not quite fit any of the categories listed above:

  • Bring the light – literally! You will be the source of your own light, among the night sky and stars. Having lanterns and flashlights on hand will help you navigate the dark.
  • A generator for power. You will most likely rely on rechargeable items along the course of your journey. Have a reliable power source to power up.
  • Bring communication devices that will work along your journey. In majority of cases, you will not have access to cellular service, so you cannot relying on smart phones. Satellite phones and walkie-talkies are common communication devices used among the overlanding community.
  • Toilet paper – it is an overlanding essential. Need we say more?

With this list of overlanding essentials, you should be setting yourself up for a well-thought-out and stress-free adventure! Other overlanding essentials to take into consideration is to keep your towing vehicle in good shape by regular maintenance. Also, keeping your trailer clean, maintained, and winterized (if needed) is important.

If you are looking for a trailer you can sleep in that has a number of overlanding essential features, like hot water on demand, a sink, burner stove, fridge, freezer, etc., the Pando 2.0 teardrop camper or Expedition 2.0 off road camper would be ideal. Otherwise, if you are looking for a utility trailer you could sleep-on with a roof top tent with many of the same overlanding features, the OGT Switchback would be ideal. The Switchback comes in two configurations, Switchback S and Switchback R. The Switchback S has the kitchen galley on the side of the trailer and the Switchback R has the kitchen galley on the rear of the trailer; you can choose the layout you prefer!

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