Top Off-Road Trails

Among the significant benefits of an Off Grid Trailer is that instead of planning your vacations based on available campsites or cabin rentals, you can pack up and take the road less travelled! We want our buyers to be able to take their Off Grid Trailer anywhere they want, without exception. Read on for more of the tried and tested trails that we know are OGT capable, because we (and our pack members) have completed these trails successfully!

Valley of The Gods 

Valley of The Gods Road is a popular trail located in Southern Utah that passes through the state’s well-known red rock landscape. A great trail for beginners, this is a 17-mile loop with a recommended time of 1-2 days. Although this trail is a loop, it can be started from both the eastern and western starting points which are north of Mexican Hat, Utah. It is two-wheel-drive capable, however, if the terrain is expected to receive any precipitation, four or all-wheel drive is recommended. It’s best to adventure this trail during the spring or fall, when the weather is bearable and temperatures are not too high. 

Valley of The Gods Road is one of the many Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) that Off Grid Trailers are capable of handling. Just ask Chris, a member of The Pack and Off Grid Trailers team member who has done several of the BDR trails including: AZ, portions of NM, portions of CO, UT, and ID. Most of these routes are a walk in the park for OGT’s off-road camper trailers! The only section on the CO BDR that is not trailer friendly is around the Ouray/Telluride area, which is easy to bypass and continue on the trip!

Photo Source: Earth Trekkers

White Rim

White Rim Road, located in Canyonland National Park, Utah, is considered an intermediate trail. It is typical for this 110 mile loop to take roughly 2 – 4 days to complete. There are 10 incredible campgrounds spread throughout the park, all terrific spots to stop and kick-back for the night. A high-clearance vehicle is recommended, as well as low-range gearing for some of the steeper descents you can find yourself on. This dirt, gravel and slick-rock road is easily conquered by any of our Off Grid Trailer models. Multiple owners have successfully completed this trail!

Photo Source: Earth Trekkers

Texas Hill Country 

This year-round trail spans 145 miles between Horseshoe Bay and Fredericksburg, Texas. It is one of the few trails in the state that is not on private property, and is accessible for both beginner and experienced overlanders. Embark on this trail from either the north or the south, and pass through a handful of small towns should you need some extra supplies along the way. Texas Hill Country spanning as many miles as it does means that the terrain changes quite a bit throughout the journey. You will find yourself traversing through hills, gullies, wide open plains and much more! Have no fear, there is nothing here that your our off-road campers can’t handle. The journey through this trail can take anywhere from 2 – 4 days, depending on how much time you’re hoping to spend out in the bush. 

A few things to note:

Some water crossings become too deep to pass through after heavy rain storms, so plan accordingly.

Plan your camping spots ahead of time. There are some places where the trail passes through private land, and it’s important to ensure you’re not trespassing.

Photo source: Expedition Portal

The Great Western Trail

The Great Western Trail (GWT) is not as well documented, but is a great trail. It is one of sixteen National Millennium Trails, which are visionary trails that reflect defining aspects of America’s history and culture. The GWT spans from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, passing through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona, and is approximately 3,000 miles long. There are many different access points throughout the various states, as well as varying rules around trail use. Some sections of the trail are accessible to all and considered to be multi-use trails, and other sections are separated for motorized and non-motorized use. Be sure to research ahead of time which areas are appropriate for your trail usage. That being said, with the trail being so user friendly, it is a trail that your OGT teardrop camper is over- qualified and well-equipped for!

Photo Source: Off Grid Trailers

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