Off-Road Trailer Innovation at Off Grid

Not only do we want to make trailers that allow you to take the road less travelled and not worry about campsite reservations, we also want to create trailers that have the features and capabilities that our customers and overlanding community desire. Which is why in 2019 we redesigned, reengineered and improved our most popular concept from the ground up. Now, for our 2021 models we’ve taken it a few steps further! 


Innovation isn’t just about continually adding new bells and whistles, it’s also about taking a look at standard features and seeing where improvements can be made. A standard feature upgrade that was made for 2021 models is a premium 1500lb capacity trailer jack for longer life and ease of mobility. The Maxxair deluxe 4000 roof vent and front storage rack are now standard on all 2020 or newer models.

Exterior Upgrades 


Some of the innovation highlights that took place for our 2021 models include the Expedition 2.0 and Pando 2.0 having their curb weight lowered by 100lbs each. This was done while maintaining all metal trailers, helping to keep them mold and mildew resistant. Improvements were made to the plug and play weatherproof electrical harness, ensuring ease of use and proper connection. There were also a number of convenience features we upgraded on both the exterior and interior of our trailers. Some of the exterior upgrades include a cable free Expedition 2.0 galley kitchen operation, safety chain holders integrated directly on the frame, a dual length adjustable Max Coupler and water level windows on compartment freshwater tanks.  



Interior Upgrades 

Inside the trailers we installed some additional shelving options, black out privacy shades, and we now have options for air conditioning. Making the time spent in your trailer more comfortable and enjoyable. We also created options for greater accessibility to the water heater and furnace by moving them to the side of the trailer, and included a maintenance free plumbing system. The last thing you want to be worrying about is your plumbing system when you’re off the grid. Based on customer feedback we improved the interior cabinet accessibility by adding interior compartment doors, as well as integrated some night tables, giving you a space to put things while relaxing in bed. 

Custom Innovation

Innovation & quality are part of our values at Off Grid Trailers. We strive to create innovative off-road camper trailers that can withstand any climate or terrain. This often requires certain elements of the trailers be custom made, fueling our innovation and improvements over time. Our latest models have custom designed and manufactured entry doors with tinted and enlarged screened windows. This round of in house manufactured improvements include stainless steel galley sinks and doors.


If you’ve been thinking about getting into an off-road camper or teardrop camper in order to experience the innovation for yourself, now is the time to act! As the days get longer, they also get warmer. Stay cool this summer with the addition of the Maxxfan. 


For the month of May 2021, add on the Maxxfan Deluxe for free! Comes with a built in rain shield! Vent, fan and cover all in one. Valued at $449 CAD and $349 USD.


For more details on the May promo, click here!

Are you interested in an Off Grid Trailer? Build and customize your own trailer using our Build Your Trailer tool that can be located here

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