Off Grid Rebelles: Overland Packing Essentials

While Off Grid Trailers function perfectly well in a developed campground, they excel in the back country.

Dry camping in the back country can be an amazing experience – if you are prepared. The peace and space can often not be found in conventional campgrounds. The journey off the beaten path will also creates memories that will not soon be forgotten.

While overlanding, all of your supplies for your trip are enclosed within your vehicle & trailer. Overlanding with your Pando 2.0, Expedition 2.0 or Switchback does allow one to have more creature comforts than a pure vehicle base explorer. But – that does not mean you can bring everything, plus the kitchen sink. Ok, the trailers do have a kitchen sink, so I guess that you can bring that. 

Number one on the priority list, before packing any kitchen supplies, clothing, bedding and even food, should always be safety and vehicle gear. This is true for any overlanding expedition. This gear takes top priority, and cannot be emphasized enough. 

Saftey Gear

Safety Gear is vehicle specific as it could be the difference between life and death out in the wilderness. Although some recovery gear can be split between vehicles, you should never rely on another persons safety gear. Each rig should carry enough supplies for its occupants. Common safety gear is:

·         First aid kit
·         Over the counter medications
·         Prescription medications
·         Fire extinguisher
·         Emergency communication device (Spot/ Garmin inReach)
·         Water (At least 1L per person per day)


For a first aid kit, one should carry enough supplies for 1 person to have a critical injury. Typically your trip is ended after 1 such injury, so carrying supplies for multiple people isn’t very critical if space does not allow. One of the most overlooked supplies in a first aid kit is gauze. 

Another thing to consider for your safety supplies is if you have an animal companion with you. Many human medications cannot be given to pets. So, please be sure to talk to your vet about critical supplies you should carry for your animal.

Over the counter medications is another commonly forgotten item in kits. Missing common medications can ruin your trip and cause you to go home early. Look for multipurpose items, think ibuprofen (pain/ fever) and and other medication for heartburn, upset stomach etc.. Also, it is always a good idea to something like Benadryl, an allergic reaction can be very common, and a simple antihistamine can be a life savor.

Emergency communication devices are also something every vehicle should have. Often times your vehicle is too far to get to emergency services in adequate times. With a satellite communication device one can alert emergency services with a push of the button, as help is brought in as fast as possible – often times by helicopter. 

Every vehicle should also have a fire extinguisher. It is also advisable to carry one in your trailer as well. If you have a base camp, and someone stays behind, both the trailer and vehicle should have an extinguisher. With fires becoming more common every year, this is something everyone should take very seriously. 

Vehicle Gear

Many recovery gear items can be shared between vehicles. If you are overlanding by yourself, expect to carry all of the gear. If you are with a group, sharing gear to save space may be something you want to consider. Some of the most common and most recommended gear is:

·         Winch 
·         Tow Strap
·         Kinetic Recovery Strap
·         Basic Tool Set
·         Impact Drill
·         Spare Tire, Lug Nuts, Valve Stems
·         Jack Bottle and Hi-lift Jack
·         Air Compressor
·         Tire Patch
·         Spill Kit
·         Traction Boards
·         Shovel
·         Common Fluids
·         Extra Fuel
·         Shovel

Many of these items you are probably used to carrying, or are familiar with. One common thing that we see, is people under estimating their fuel consumption when pulling a trailer. We recommend always carrying more than you think you will need.

The Rest

Once your safety and vehicle gear is packed, then you can begin with the rest.  We recommend using the following order for importance:

  • Shelter/Sleeping Gear
  • Food (don’t forget the pet food)
  • Clothing
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Toothbrush (yep, it gets its own category)
  • Toiletries
  • Pet Supplies
  • Extra footwear
  • Luxury items/Anything else that fits


Every driver and family has their own personal items they add to their list. We recommend creating a list the first time trip you pack, then carry it with you. Cross off items your brought that you found unnecessary, an write in what you forget. Carry that list with you on every trip. If you frequently camp in different climates, have a list for each climate.  What you carry with you in the desert, is very different than what you will need in the mountains in winter.

Overland Packing Essentials – Written by Elizabeth Switten, RVT

Driver for Off Grid Trailers Rebelle Rally Team “Off Gird Rebelles”

Off Road is Better!

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