OFF GRID TRAILERS: Finding the right one for you.

There seems to be something that calls us to get back to the basics, back to a simple and honest way of living. Something that calls us to return to nature, and to our roots.  To do that, we leave.  Sometimes we seek to answer this calling by going to exotic locations, always on the lookout for those greener pastures.  At Off Grid, we believe that those pastures, those experiences you seek, are just outside your door. They are up a mountain, across a stream, and down the many seldom travelled back roads that crisscross this amazing country.   Our goal at Off Grid is to facilitate you in this discovery and help you run away from home — if only for a while.


Off Grid Trailers™ redefines camping with innovative and compelling trailers designed to connect you with nature.  We build the most durable trailers on the market. They are able to withstand any climate and any terrain, thereby enabling you to explore the backcountry with unparalleled freedom.  We offer three models, each built with the adventurer and the adventure in mind.  For those looking for a comfortable overlanding experience or those with families, the Pando 2.0 teardrop camper is a good match.  With generous storage inside and out, this trailer will sleep two comfortably on the full-sized queen mattress located in the climate controlled interior cabin, but can comfortably accommodate 4 more with the addition of the 23 Zero roof top tent.   Further, the impressive stainless steel rear galley kitchen comes with a Dometic 2 burner stove, a kitchen sink with hot and cold water, a 55 L fridge/freezer on a lockable sliding shelf, as well as a large prep area and storage for all your food and dining needs.  If you want to stay out longer, storage is available for the addition of a 69 L fridge/freezer at the side of the trailer.


For those desiring a true off-road experience, with no sacrifice to comfort, Off Grid’s Expedition 2.0 off road camper, may be the trailer for you.  With all the comforts of the Pando 2.0,  the 50 degree rear departure angle of this trailer allows you to tackle all of the obstacles and challenges that the trail presents.  This unit comes with a side kitchen, with ample adjustable storage located at the rear. 


Finally, if you are in search of an extreme off-roading experience, or want a unit that will function as a base camp for a group outing or hunting expedition, the Switchback off road trailer has been designed for exactly that purpose.  A smaller, lighter more agile trailer, this trailer is fully customizable allowing you to receive a unit that has been truly tailor-made for you.  The Switchback is classified as a utility off-road trailer and as such does not include an interior sleeping cabin.  However, the addition of the 23 Zero tent which can be affixed to the top of the unit makes for a secure and comfortable night’s sleep.  The maneuverability and the customizable features of the Switchback truly make this trailer a stand out. 

There is always a lot of emphasis put on “finding the right one”.  And for good reason.  Whether it’s your job, your partner, or in this case the trailer you choose, for the best experience in general, you want something that suits you,  something that is fit for purpose — your purpose.  No matter what your desire, whether its to strike out on your own and discover those roads less travelled, go on a hunting expedition with friends, or perhaps you just want to take your family into the wild without compromising on comfort or convenience, Off Grid has the trailer for you. There is no need to wait in airports and take long uncomfortable plane rides, with Off Grid, your adventure truly begins the minute the rubber meets the road. 

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