How To Pack A Trailer Properly For An Off Grid Adventure

We were at it again! It has become an annual tradition to get out as a team and document our adventure. Year 1 we took on the infamous Whipsaw Trail, Year 2 we took the scenic route across the Kettle Valley Railway and now for Year 3 we took the adventure south to tackle some trails down in Moab, Utah.

If you are new to our story, Off Grid Trailers has been taking time aside yearly to test our trailers in real-life offroad settings. We bring a media team with us, documenting the success of our off-road trailers against technical terrain, and showcasing the journey.

It, however, is not all business. 

It offers an opportunity to bond with our internal team, disconnect from our “day jobs” and have fun while in these incredible off-road locations.

This year, we ventured south of the Canadian border to go and explore Moab. Utah has been on our bucket list for quite some time, so we rounded the troops and embarked on a 5-day journey through the incredible vistas of Moab.

This year we brought some of the Off Grid Trailers team as well as some of the OGT extended family. Kory Davis, head of marketing. Kory had his Toyota 4 Runner and was towing the Off Grid Switchback S. Denny Sexsmith, head of sales. Denny had his diesel Jeep Gladiator and was pulling an Off Grid Expedition 2.0. Duane Leedell, President and CEO. Duane had his Colorado ZR2 and was towing an Off Grid Pando 2.0

So, let’s talk about how the trailers did.

The Pando 2.0 and Expedition 2.0 had our new suspension, the OGT Evolution Series by Fabtech Motorsports. This suspension offers strength and performance while off-road. The massive trailing arm is fabricated from ¼-inch thick steel tubing and utilizes a two-and-quarter-inch, heat-treated axel snub for maximum bend resistance. 

So what does this mean? This suspension offers up to 8 inches of wheel travel when driving over technical obstacles The robust suspension also absorbs the energy from the terrain, keeping it from going into the trailer which supports the longevity of your onboard systems as they won’t be bouncing around while on the trail. These trailers exceeded our expectations while in Moab, the all new suspension performed exceedingly well.

Click here to see the feature-length video. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with all of our latest Off Grid Adventures. 

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