Is an OGT Trailer Your Camper Utility Trailer?

Our customers use their Off Grid Trailers to do all kinds of things. For the most part your outdoor adventures are only limited by your imagination. Today we’re going to look at some of the features that make our trailers great for some common and uncommon adventures.

Biking is a common reason for heading into the backcountry, whether you’re heading to some amazing bike trails to do some riding and camping, or you’re thinking about doing some biking wherever you end up. We have bike racks that can mount to either the trailer or your vehicle, and that can double as a cargo rack for you to strap down gear. Depending on your vehicle, the bike rack / cargo rack setup can be an easy way to accelerate your packing time and ability to bring gear on the road.

Fishing is another common activity enjoyed by our customers. Our line of trailers can easily accept rod and reel roof racks. Keeping your fishing equipment out of the cab of your vehicle makes the drive a lot more enjoyable and once it’s stowed you know it will be safe.

We also have space and energy efficient cooler and stove options that can be built into the trailer of your choice in case you plan to clean and cook fish on your outdoor adventures. By having cooling and cooking equipment built into the trailer you can pack up quickly without wondering if you’re missing part of your propane stove or forgot to pack the cooler. It’s all in the trailer, ready when you are.

Fishing and Camping with an Off Grid Trailer

Hiking and Photography are some of the most common reasons our customers head into the bush. If you’re going to head to the top of a pass or a mountain, you might as well take some pictures of the sunset, right? For serious photographers you’re not going to leave the care of your equipment to chance. Having a waterproof, weatherproof, offroad camping trailer–especially one that locks–is a smart choice. When you’re heading out for a swim you don’t want to wonder if your camera gear is going to stay safe and dry, you want to know it is.

These are just a few of the uses and features we know our customers enjoy. If you want to explore the options available on our line of off road camper trailers, have a look at the trailer builder. It will walk you through all the accessories and customizations available as you build the dream trailer to take on your outdoor adventures.

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