Off Road Camper Trailer Trip: Texas Hill Country

If you’re ready for an off road camper trailer trip this winter but you’re not interested in fighting winter weather, then you might be ready for a trip in Texas. Today we’re outlining a route west of Austin with a variety of natural features for you to explore and some interesting towns to explore along the way.

texas hill country offroad loop

About 50 miles west of Austin, TX is a network of lakes and rivers home to a number of small towns, camping areas and some backwoods driving open to the public–something that is a little rare in this part of Texas. Many of the popular routes start and end around one of the lakes in the area; we recommend Horseshoe Bay, TX as a starting point. It’s accessible to Highway 71 and it’s a beautiful area to spend a night if you’ve spent some time on the road getting here.

horseshoe lake texas at sunset

The loop we’re sharing here is just a bit over 100 miles (160 km), but if you’re taking your time and spending some time in the backcountry, it can certainly be a 2+ day adventure. Heading north on highway 71, you’ll head into Llano, TX and change to TX-29 toward Mason, TX.

Mason is a small town that retains the charm seen all over Texas a generation back. There are local stores, historical sites and places to buy supplies and fuel one last time before you camp or head off the paved roads. You can camp in and near Mason if you’re making a longer trip. Two recommended spots are:


Dos Rios RV Park in Mason, TX 

Dos Rios can accommodate large groups if you book in advance. They offer power, water, bathroom facilities and river access.


Leifeste Campground in Art, TX

This is another off-the-beaten-path camping option with river access and options for large groups. Make sure to call in advance to reserve your spot.


From Mason, TX, you’re on back roads for 25 miles enjoying the hills and streams along the way until you reach another small town to pause at: Doss, TX. Doss is an unincorporated area south of the Llano river in the heart of Gillespie County’s ranching country. Keep an eye out for longhorn cattle, but make sure you’re staying on public roads, as areas off the road are likely to be private land.

longhorn cow

We finish up the Texas Hill Country loop in Fredericksburg, TX, another hidden gem that’s more than just a stop along the way. Fredericksburg is a grape growing area in the Texas Hill Country, so if you’re going to wrap up a weekend trip here, you might want to find a camping spot on the south side of town (there are over a dozen in the area) so you can tour and taste at one of the local vineyards.

library fredericksburg tx

We hope you enjoy the Texas Hill Country if you make the trip to enjoy some time unplugged, enjoying the backcountry in your off road trailer.

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