Is an OGT Trailer Your Camper Utility Trailer?

When you were camping as a child, you may have been used to an open fire and washing up in the lake afterward, but if you haven’t been in an offroad teardrop trailer in a while, you can forget about searching for kindling first thing in the morning. Today we look at the cooking setup in our Pando offroad teardrop trailer; a well-oiled machine designed to help you spend less time cooking and cleaning and more time enjoying the outdoors.

fridge in off road teardrop trailer

First we should point out that all the food storage, cooking and cleaning accessories you’ll want can be built into the trailer. That might seem like an obvious choice on our part, but you’d be surprised how many offroad trailers don’t come with some of these features. The fact that they are built in means they aren’t going to shake apart on the drive to your campsite and you don’t have to dig any parts or fittings out of a pack when you get there.

We have more than one fridge / freezer option, but the trailer is built to contain your food storage solution, and we offer options you’ll love a lot more than a cooler and a bag of ice. The fridges themselves are state of the art and built to slide in and out of the trailer. The fridge is there when you need it and out of the way when you’re done.

When your ingredients are ready to prep, your on-board sink and prep area are ready to help you wash, chop and prep. All surfaces can quickly be wiped down when you’re done. Last but not least is our two-burner stove. We intentionally made sure you have room to cook. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cook an entree and some sides on a stove that can’t hold your cookware. With our burners you’ll have room for pots, pans and even a flat cooktop if that’s your preference.

From packing for your adventure to cleaning up after a meal, we think you’ll find the cooking setup on our offroad teardrop simple, efficient and effective. Whether you’re cooking eggs for one or dinner for the group, the cooking configuration is built to keep you enjoying the outdoors, not struggling with a DIY cooking setup in the backcountry.

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