What Goes into Teardrop Trailer Prices

What is going into those teardrop trailer prices? Today we look at the basic factors that influence the final cost to the consumer, and no, it’s not just markup.

Materials are a major component in the final price of any teardrop trailer. We rely on metal construction and composite materials for our trailers. That means higher construction costs, but it also means that our trailers offer much better quality, reliability and resistance to decay (think mold and rot). The time and investment that we’ve made in high grade materials will help you maintain the life of your trailer and give you peace of mind that a spill or an accidental exposure to precipitation won’t come back to haunt you in the form of warping, mold or rot. Just dehumidify the trailer and clean the inside surfaces when you’re back at home.

Features large and small also play a big factor in the final price of a teardrop trailer. The major areas that affect price are the kitchen, bathroom and electronics. Heating and cooling (both for the food and you) aren’t areas we’d suggest cutting corners. You can go camping with a bag of ice in a cooler, but we think you’ll appreciate world class cooking and refrigeration. The same goes for washing up and sleeping. You’ll always have the option of sleeping inside the trailer and washing up in a sink, but there are additional options that add comfort. You can add an outdoor shower. There are many features that will improve your comfort outdoors; it’s really up to you how many features you rely on.

Size is another factor in teardrop trailer prices. The bigger the trailer, the higher the price. Each additional centimeter adds materials, labor cost and changes the math on how to balance the trailer and protect the capabilities of the trailer when you drive it off road. 

We hope this quick walkthrough helps you understand what you’re paying for when you start comparing your options. We stand by our design, construction and quality and we hope you see the value in investing in a high quality trailer for your future adventures. If you’re curious about the size, features and materials that go into our trailers, have a look at our trailer builder. It will give you a peek behind some of the customizable facets of our four trailer models.

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