Camping on Red Deer River

Our first trip with the pando. We hadn’t sold our house yet but wanted to take the pando, our new home to our favourite camping spot on the Red Deer river. We never like to check the weather but sometimes it would be helpful. When we arrived to the trailhead we had never seen the puddles so big. Not having much trailer towing experience I was a little nervous. It was definitely the start to our adventure. We got through and spent two nights riverside. Learning the ins and outs of our new home on wheels. With the rain continuing to come down we had to prepare ourselves for the trip out. We now knew the pando could go anywhere we wanted behind the 4Runner. As the days got closer to full time pando living we were one step closer to finding the most beautiful places in Canada

It’s not always backroads and beautiful sunsets. It’s a lot harder to keep bedsheets clean compared to a sleeping bag … but feels way more comfortable

Each spot we go to brings it’s own positives and negatives. We are learning rainy days and wet wood are inevitable. Like I’ve read from others this lifestyle is about learning how to adapt and always find the best in everything.


Get the fire started it’s Friday. Nose is dripping hands are cold, sun is behind the trees. Having the right wood is key for fire starting – these old logging roads have plenty to explore and clean up

Teamwork make things soo much easier – the best team communicates creating strategies to succeed


Maybe not quite the post you would expect – but the @maxxairvent is the difference between a good night sleep or waking up multiple times throughout the night. This and the furnace are two options we would recommend when purchasing an @offgridtrailers adventure rig

This is what we have worked for.
The ability for full time possibilities. The chance to take life full on. Making it to the island was the plan. Find the warmest spot, prepare for the rain, and camp out the winter. Exploring new surroundings. We haven’t found our winter chill spot yet as we tour the old logging roads checking out what the rec sites have to offer during the off season. We have a couple more places to check out on our way closer to Victoria. If you have any suggestions please let us know … 🏕

Wake up everybody. It’s a beautiful morning out here on the west coast. Enjoy your Sunday ☀️

Where’s Rebel ? No matter where we end up this little guy always finds a shrub, bush or hole to crawl into. We normally keep him on a pretty tight leash, but he’s been getting a little more freedom these days 🐾

Breakfast time is almost the same as dinner time. We have been getting more into a routine, especially when we stop for more than one night. The kitchen setup was the reason we chose the pando. Way more counter space compared to the expedition and a more organized feeling. We do have the additional fridge in the front storage that we use for a freezer/fridge, but everything else is conveniently located at the back. 🏔


Stay updated with us as we being to live full time in our Off Grid Trailer.



A trip around the country

Keep up to my adventures as I take an 8000 mile trip across the country!

First stop I camped in Yosemite NP, Parked here this morning for a early morning hike up to half dome. Heading to salt lake tomorrow to visit a friend, then to the tetons and Yellowstone.

Beautiful drive, taking a back way to the Tetons

Last night’s camp along the snake river.

Good morning Grand Teton National Park.

Left snake river this morning, now in the park. Scary moment crossing a bridge with ice.

Home sweet home in the Teton National Park. Spent some time kayaking on Jackson Lake …balmy 40 degrees.


Leaving the Yellowstone Park before the crowds. A few more random photos.
Heading east from here and staying south. Another storm is expected on Wednesday.


Break time. Cheers 🍺So many fantastic people I’ve met so far.

October 8th, getting a history lesson today.

Update on travel, the weather is not letting me go any further north. The storm finally caught me but I did manage to hit 5 national parks in 8 days!
Heading south tomorrow then cutting across to the east coast below Chicago. Hopefully ending up at Niagra falls by Saturday.

Traveling the 8 in the upper peninsula is like traveling through a postcard. Getting better by the mile! Amazing!

Still in the national forest, ready to launch kayak at camp. When your camp is on a lake in the upper peninsula!= Priceless 🚣‍♂️❣ @Lake Gordon



Steak night.🍽

Good bye UP…its been fun. Heading southbound!


Heading south. Then across to Canada tomorrow to Lake Michigan


Angry lake today. May as well be a ocean.

Touchdown! Family time ! 4100 miles done! From uggs in the tetons, to tevas and shorts in NY. Beautiful day!
I grew up here and have never been on this lake. Just took 60 yrs.🚣‍♂️😃@Orange Lake, New York

Of course I had to swing by the house I grew up in. Everything has shrunk since I was a kid.
That tree in front was just a little one 60 years ago.

Sister bonding walk time at Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park! Totally worth driving 4400 miles for this haircut! Thank you, Kimberly ! It’s been 27+ years since we have seen each other.


Nor easter just hit. Lots of rain. (Better then snow), will continue tomorrow to Asheville NC to visit brother. Beer time!🍺🍺

Just crossed into Virginia,
I think I will like this state. 🤣

Woke up  feeling blessed. Feeling so happy today with all your birthday wishes, its friends like you that make life amazing!
My 50’s were amazing and looking forward spending my 60″s with plenty more adventures.
Thank you everyone! You’re the BEST!  5009 miles so far.

When the sun dosnt come up till after 7am, what do you do? Kayake with a flashlight in the fog. Where is everyone?🚣‍♂️🚣‍♂️@Knoxville, Tennessee.

Mountain dew anyone? Who knew it started in Tennessee and has it’s own museum?

Keep on rowing!

is feeling better at Dale Hollow Lake. Got this little guy off the road.

Making new friends at Northfield Vineyards.

Fun times with my friends in Tennessee. Upper left hand corner ,hand is a ghost. ☻


Today’s travel, drove in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and finished in Mississippi.

Nice spot to camp at Lake Tom Bailey. Only one here. 22 a night with electricity and water. Got my senior discount 🤣 Good morning Mississippi!

feeling motivated. 6000 Miles!

Let the party begin! feeling festive in Bourbon Street New Orleans, Louisiana. 


Houston, we have a problem. 😎feeling cool at NASA’s Johnson Space


Calling it a day. Houston space center was worth dealing with the traffic and city. San Antonio exploring tomorrow.

Right smack in the middle of downtown! The Alamo San Antonio, TX, United States


Walking distance from the Alamo. All the shops are closed! Wake up San Antonio! Half the day is gone!


Fell way short of El Paso due to playing tourist in San Antonio. (And trying to run out of fuel) Tomorrow is a 8.5 hour drive to Tucson, then Phoenix on Tues, home on Wednesday or Thursday. Did you know Iran TX has the only gas in over 50 miles? And it’s still under 3 bucks.


Some pictures of the trip so far. I will update more content when I get home!

More updates to come…

– Skip

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A trip to the Arctic Ocean!

Our decision to travel to Tuktoyaktuk, located in the Northwest Territories of Canada, for our summer vacation was based on many factors. Initially, we were supposed to be travelling to Iceland, but one of our travel companions tore his Achilles tendon and was unable to make the journey.  Having just purchased a Pando 2.0 from Off Grid Trailers we thought what better way to test the trailer and ourselves than a journey to the farthest point in Northern Canada accessible by road.

We packed up our Yukon XL Wilbur and our Pando 2.0 (Patches) and headed North to the unknown. The Arctic has always seemed like an unattainable destination but has also captivated our imaginations. So, with only a week to prepare and pack, we set out to make the journey. Luckily, packing was made easy with ample storage; the Pando provides two fridges and water. We knew we’d have the comforts of home while being so remote in Canada’s north.

The trip seemed to start after leaving the Liard River area. We travelled to Watson Lake, YT, then a quick stop at the Sign Post Forest to see if we could find the sign we had put up the summer of 2017. We did!

The second stop in Watson Lake was the visitor center to collect information on our trip up the North Canol as well as the Yukon Passport book.

After 8 hours of being on the road basically by ourselves, we reached home for the night — a beautiful Yukon Territory campground called LaPie Canyon. We backed the Pando onto a site by the river, while Heather and Cicely explored the beauty around us. I opened the kitchen of the Pando. After cooking a delicious meal on the Pando camp stove, we made use of the free firewood and turned in for the night being lulled to sleep by the flowing river beside us.

The North Canol proved to be a challenge, averaging 12 to 15 km/h the Pando pulled gracefully behind Wilbur as if the two were one. The Timbren suspension soaked up the bumps and the max coupler hitch allowed the Pando to pick its own path without ever feeling out of control.

Deciding to turn around after 4.5 hours of driving and only having travelled 114 km was a hard one but unfortunately, time was limited.

After leaving the North Canol the Dempster Highway was next. The Dempster Highway started out as a mild gravel road, but it quickly opened to majestic mountains and scenery like nothing we had ever seen before. Tombstone Territorial Park was majestic and wild, with mountains so close you’d think you could reach out your window and touch them.

Stopping for a stretch at a roadside pullout the Pando drew a crowd. We opened doors and hatches to show off our little home and inspire others to get into the lifestyle that we have come to love.

We said our goodbyes and wished safe travels to each other and continued our journey. After supper in Eagle Plain the Jonson’s, Patches the Pando and Wilbur crossed over the Arctic Circle around 7 pm.


With the sun still high in the sky, we continued down the Dempster to our campsite for the night. Once we reached our campsite set up was a breeze. Having eaten in Eagle Plain all I had to do was open the rear hatch and grab a nice cold beer. With the fire roaring, we talked about adventures we’d had and what was still to come.

Cicely and I started the morning off with what we call the Wilbur walk around. Vehicles and trailers are pushed to the limits on these roads. We’d check tires, fluids and suspension components to ensure a pricey tow bill wasn’t in our future. Wilbur and the Pando passed inspection as always, and we continued north. After travelling for several hours, our destination for the night was in sight. Inuvik is a vibrant city in an otherwise desolate landscape. Due to a shorter travel day and unseasonably warm temperatures, we decided to set up the 23Zero roof top tent and sleep in that for the night.


All a little excited with what tomorrow had to bring, little sleep was gotten. Cicely and I conducted the Wilbur walkaround after coffee and breakfast, the camp was dismantled, and we were off.

Stopping in at the Information Center in Inuvik, our next destination was Tuktoyaktuk and the Arctic Ocean. Having just opened in 2017 the road was rough and slow going. Having seen what the Pando can do however put our minds at ease and by 2:00pm we had reached our destination, The Arctic Ocean!


Camping in Tuk is bare minimum, to say the least, they didn’t expect the influx of tourists and showed it in how you are treated. A parking lot style spot costs you $63.00 Canadian but the memories and adventure to get there is priceless and besides, you are camped right on the Arctic Ocean.

Having put our vehicle our Off-Grid Pando and ourselves to the test with this impromptu trip to the North, I’d say we passed with flying colors. The Pando never once disappointed! It kept us warm at night, it allowed all the conveniences of home with the back kitchen, and there was ample storage. The best feeling we had was it brought otherwise strangers together as a community in a way we would never have expected.

After all, isn’t that what Overlanding is all about? Like-minded individuals seeking adventure. Maybe even a Pack O’ Pando’s that we could travel with and share these memories as a community.

– The Jonson family

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