So, you want an Off Grid Trailer™ and you’re not sure how to bring it up with your significant other?

How can you show them that buying an Overland Trailer is a decision that will contribute to both of your quality of life immensely? 

Since buying a camping trailer is a significant investment, that can be perceived by some as an unnecessary expense.

Here are a few talking points to help you explain the many reasons why owning an Off Grid Trailer™ is a great choice for you and your family.


Know the facts. Did you know that over 80% of land in Canada is Crown Land and there are over 250 million acres of BLM Land across the United States? Your access to the outdoors is significantly increased with an off-road capable trailer that can allow you to adventure into the unknown while brining along the comforts of home.

Do your research ahead of time to assure her that you will do this safely and smartly. Have information ready about insurance companies and rates, storage options, overland and driver training courses – Learn more about OGT authorized Driver Training Courses. Know your budget so that you are prepared to discuss financing options with her. Did you know we offer flexible financing terms at competitive rates?

Know about benefits for the kids and grandkids. If you have teenagers, this may be a good way to keep them and their friends close, safe and engaged in a healthy family activity outdoors, versus engaged by the T.V. or internet devices.


As with any topic of importance, it is crucial that you choose your timing for the conversation carefully. A useful rule of thumb is to not bring up key issues when your significant other is tired, stressed, or hyper focused on other activities. Pick a time when you are relaxed and maybe having a glass of wine or a beer. Your significant other did not get those designer shoes or power tool set without dropping some serious hints. Help them see the light about how exciting the Off Grid lifestyle can be. Snuggle up and watch some overlanding videos – if you are looking for a place to start, check out this video from our journey along the Kettle Valley Railway.


The boost to your social and family life, as well as health benefits should be emphasized. Having an Off Grid Trailer™ is a shared activity that brings people together, whether it’s your circle of friends enjoying the sunset while sipping wine and snacking, or your family enjoying an overland vacation. The health advantages of getting out into the wilderness on your mental health and well-being are undeniable: from increased Vitamin D to the benefits of fresh air, nature and staying active, overlanding is an all-encompassing activity whose benefits will spill positively into numerous areas of your life. 


Focus on the romance. Although camping is a great family activity, it can also be a great activity for just you and your significant other to enjoy together. Bring a some of their favorite drinks and snacks and enjoy being with each other in paradise. If you have friends whose significant others love camping and overlanding, mention them or enlist them in casual conversation to highlight how their Off Grid Trailer™ has improved their lives. 


Let your significant other make the decision and don’t rush it. By now your Significant Other should be as excited about a new Off Grid Trailer™ purchase as you are. Life is short and it is better off road.

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