Off Grid Trailers: COVID-19 Update

Stay safe and stay healthy – a message we are sending to all our family, colleagues, customers, and partners.  OGT continues to monitor the situation day to day while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers.  This is not without challenges particularly going into the fall and winter with rising supply chain issues.

OGT has no reported cases of COVID-19 in the company and we are complying with health recommendations to keep our business environment safe.  We have discontinued open shop and trailer tours (by appointment only) as well as limiting pickups, and are continuing to work with our US customers to provide safe alternatives to picking up their completed units.  The US border is still open to trade and our production continues.  We will continue to keep our customers informed as we continue to export trailers into the US.

We continue to experience supply chain and staffing issues, as everyone in the industry has, which unfortunately has had some production delay impacts.  We are all very positive and continue to update our customers as we keep up production and deliveries.  We apologize for the frustrations caused by this as we continue to work with our partners to keep our supplies coming.

While much or our administrative team conducts work from home, many with families, we ask for all our customers patience as we work daily to ensure production and deliveries continue.  Many of our customers have been extremely understanding which is fantastic!

OGT will continue to focus on getting it done for our amazing customers, while ensuring we are safe and healthy during this extended time. 

Stay well everyone,

Duane, OGT