Off Grid Trailers™ Customer Referral Program

Earn $250 For When you Refer a Friend or Family Member.

We love our community and want to give back to people who share our mission.  

As an Off Grid Trailers™  Owner you have been given a unique 4 digit Referral Code that allows you to pass along savings to your friends and family as well as earn yourself some cash. 

As the current owner you will receive $250 for every new customer you refer to OGT, and your friends and family will be entitled to a $250 discount on their purchase. Referral fees will be paid out upon delivery of the new trailer. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with a monthly promotion or any other available discount.

Request Your OGT Customer Ambassador Package.

Every Customer Ambassador Package will include 20 OGT Referral Cards as well as 20 Stickers to hand out to your prospective buyers. 

Share Your Own Adventures

While you’re adventuring off-grid capture and create moments you can share with everyone!

We encourage you to tag us in your overlanding expeditions posts so we can help spread the word about our adventurous community.