As a Direct-to-Consumer Overland Camping Trailer Manufacturer, the best way to take delivery of an Off Grid Traileris through our Home Delivery Program. We are able to ship our trailers anywhere within Canada and the Continental USA. We pride ourselves on providing a white-glove delivery service from our manufacturing plant to your home. Our trailers are shipped on a flat deck, shrink wrapped to eliminate damage in transport. 

How does Direct Shipping work?

Due to the size of our freight carriers truck and trailer, we cannot directly offload the trailer in a residential area or a city street.  The driver and carrier will contact you to ensure a local oversized, trucking approved, lot is available to offload.  The driver is responsible for ensuring your trailer is offloaded and will provide assistance hooking up the trailer for return to your home/residence.

With delivery, where will my unit be dropped off?

Our drivers will contact you directly to determine a safe location for drop off, generally in a parking lot a safe distance from any traffic. 

Can my trailer be dropped off at a roadside turn in?

No, this is unsafe due to the direct proximity of the road and traffic. All drop offs will be in an area or parking lot away from continuous traffic to ensure the safety of both the customer and the driver.

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