Innovation and Connection is key to everything we do at OGT

Our Expedition 2.0 and Pando 2.0 models were inspired by feedback from our family of customers and the overlanding community. We’ve taken our most popular concept and redesignedreengineered, and improved it from the ground up. From the new engineered & military test track proven C-channel frame construction to the overall serviceability, accessibility, and usability; our models take advantage of sophisticated manufacturing and up to date technologies including 3-D printing.

OGT fenders
OGT frame

Frame and fenders

  • Laser cut and formed C-channel frame
    • engineered and military test track proven frame design for weight saving, additional rigidity and approved for off road use and Timbren suspension application
  • Laser cut and formed modular and removable fenders
  • Anti skid textured black powder coating-frame and fenders


  • Aluminum interior and exterior roof and wall construction with extruded aluminum skeleton structure and CNC cut R10 rigid foam insulation
  • Floor construction includes aluminum flooring, CNC cut R10 rigid foam insulation, and space age flooring for additional thermal break
  • Space Age Synthetics Thermo-lite polymer and fiberglass flooring is non-absorbent, extremely durable, dimensionally stable, and mold/mildew/contamination resistant
  • 4 inch taller (26×40) larger entry/exit doors for improved accessibility and ease of cleaning


  • Adjustable powder coated aluminum rear storage shelving
  • Front tongue box aluminum powder coated shelf storage (accommodates many porta-potti, generator, and portable AC configurations)
  • Larger interior cabinet storage than our previous models with our new 31-gallon freshwater tank relocated (Expedition 2.0) optimizing storage space


  • Redesigned from the ground up with serviceability in mind:
    • 31-gallon freshwater tank located (lower COG) in rear departure angle
      • interior full panel access for removal, dual accessibility, and water level window
      • rear storage cabinet panel access to water pump and drain
    • Removable and serviceable two-piece fenders
    • Removable and serviceable rear bumper taillight guards
    • Modular and removeable electrical component bay
    • Removable and serviceable wire track access for all trailer (and frame) electrical components and accessories.  Weather proof connectors throughout wire harness for longer life.
    • Integrated drivers and passenger side steps for roof access
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