Insights and Adventures for Your Off Grid Trailer Life​

Family Friendly Overlanding Trailers

Off Grid Trailers are small but mighty! While all of our trailers are perfectly capable for family adventures, the Pando 2.0 is particularly well-equipped for an off-grid family trip. The sleeping capacity, interior features, kitchen accessibility and storage solutions make this trailer the ideal addition to any family adventure. Bring the comforts of home to the backcountry with the Pando 2.0.

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Enjoy Your Catch Of The Day While You’re Off The Grid

One of the best ways to spend time outdoors is by casting a line and catching some fish! Whether you’re trekking out to your secret fishing spot far into the wilderness or going camping with the family for the weekend, you can bring your Off Grid Trailer along for the ride.

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Everything you need to know about Financing and Extended Warranties

The Ins and Outs of RV Extended Warranties and Financing Options

If you are in the market for a new camping trailer, chances are Financing and Warranties have been on your mind. Although shopping for your next vacation vehicle is very exciting… it can also be a little overwhelming. Whether you are looking at an Expedition 2.0, Pando 2.0 or one of the Switchback models, once you have decided on the trailer that best suits your needs it is time to start thinking about your finances and warranty options.

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Off Grid Rebelles

Introducing the Off Grid Rebelles

Have you ever fallen in love?

I was sure that I would never come to adore off-road wheeling, but after a recent experience, I know that I was wrong in my assumption.

My name is Kelsey Pringle. While you probably haven’t heard of me, you might have seen me. I have appeared in the background of many Off Grid Trailers videos.

How did I come to take part in such an activity? I own a boutique marketing firm that has had the honor of working with Off Grid Trailers (OGT) for over two years now.

When my company first began working with OGT, I never would have identified myself as an “off-roader.” I loved nature and adventure, but wheeling just wasn’t my passion. I let the professionals have the real fun while I sat in the passenger seat.

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expedition off road camper

Innovation at Off Grid Trailers

Not only do we want to make trailers that allow you to take the road less travelled and not worry about campsite reservations, we also want to create trailers that have the features and capabilities that our customers and overlanding community desire. Which is why in 2019 we redesigned, reengineered and improved our most popular concept from the ground up. Now, for our 2021 models we’ve taken it a few steps further!

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