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How to Pack Your Off Grid Trailer

Hitting the road with an improperly loaded trailer can be a risky business as it can not only stress your tow vehicle leading to structural or mechanical issues but also can create an unstable tow load putting others on the road at risk. Therefore, you must ensure that the trailer is loaded correctly and ready to be towed before starting your trip.

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A closer look at the Pando 2.0 an overland teardrop trailer

There is no arguing that we live in a fast-paced, technology driven world — a world where getting back to nature, though a beautiful idea, is somewhat impractical, and logistically; practically impossible. For those of us with families, this idea becomes even more challenging. We want to give children their “wild-hood,” but how? Is there an app for that? No, but Off Grid Trailers does have a solution for that in the form of the Pando 2.0 — an
off-road trailer that allows you to access nature with no compromise of comfort or convenience to you or your family.

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on the road with trailer camper

Off Grid Trailers: The Expedition 2.0 A Closer Look

When thinking about wilderness camping, the phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ comes to mind, or at least it used to. You generally accepted that in order to gain access to the spectacular remote areas found all across our country, it would be at the sacrifice of your creature comforts, namely limited supplies in the form of food and gear, sleeping conditions, and cleanliness. The physical demands of this venture meant that it was unavailable to all but a few.

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Off Grid Trailers: The Expedition 2.0 Explained

Off Grid’s Expedition 2.0 is truly an off-roader’s dream. This trailer has been designed for those who desire a true off-road experience, but who are unwilling to sacrifice the convenience and comforts that come with larger trailers. When designing its trailers, Off Grid chose material that were strong, durable, and light, and able to withstand the rigors of off-roading even after years of use.

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