Insights and Adventures for Your Off Grid Trailer™ Life

Is the ZeroBreeze AC option right for you?

Nothing is worse then being unable to sleep after a long day on the trails or returning from your vacation more tired then when you left because the heat kept you up all night.

Finding the right cooling option for your Off Grid Trailer can be a bit tricky – especially if you are planning on enjoying the Off Grid lifestyle and not interested in lugging around a large Air Conditioning unit or generator to power it.

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Bring Your Basecamp With You

Avid rock climbers are more than capable of “roughing it” when it comes to checking out new remote climb locations, but it’s much more enjoyable to be able to take a quick shower, cook up a warm meal and rest on a nice comfortable bed after a long-day of bouldering. The problem is, it can be tough to get those amenities into these remote locations that we visit to escape civilization. That is, until you have an Off Grid Trailer! That’s the beauty of our trailers, these compact and versatile trailers are packed with amenities and can easily be brought to whatever remote location you can access by vehicle.

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Field Report: Overland Expedition to South Dakota

We are back home in El Paso. What an EPIC adventure with our little Expedition Trailer. Monika had Mt. Rushmore on her bucket list, so this trip was imminently in our future. But when I was invited to participate in a HAM RADIO MOUNTAINEERING (SOTA – Summits On The Air) event, we decided this was the time for it.

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Family Friendly Overlanding Trailers

Off Grid Trailers are small but mighty! While all of our trailers are perfectly capable for family adventures, the Pando 2.0 is particularly well-equipped for an off-grid family trip. The sleeping capacity, interior features, kitchen accessibility and storage solutions make this trailer the ideal addition to any family adventure. Bring the comforts of home to the backcountry with the Pando 2.0.

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Enjoy Your Catch Of The Day While You’re Off The Grid

One of the best ways to spend time outdoors is by casting a line and catching some fish! Whether you’re trekking out to your secret fishing spot far into the wilderness or going camping with the family for the weekend, you can bring your Off Grid Trailer along for the ride.

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