The Pacific North West

june 2022

Follow along as our Marketing Manager tows a Switchback S behind his Toyota 4Runner from Canada to Overland Expo PNW then heads out on an Oregon adventure to complete the Trifecta. Enjoy the awesome dispersed camp spots on BLM Land in Washington State and Oregon. On the way back to Canada from Bend, Oregon he stopped by the Pacific Ocean for some surfing, a skateboard park, and Mt. Hood for some summer skiing and snowboarding. 

The journey started in Alberta, Canada. Pointing south west through Idaho, and eventually Washington, the first day was mainly highway driving. Day 1 ended at an epic lakeside camp spot on some BLM Land in Eastern Washington State, a few hours south of Spokane. The spot was called Cow Lake and required driving down a rocky through a farmers field to get to. It was an early morning to get packed up camp early to hop back on the I-90 and continue towards Bend, OR to meet up with the rest of the Off Grid team. Denny Sexsmith, OGT Sales Director and Randy Clary from Lead Dog Motorsports in Lake Havasu, AZ had arrived in Bend earlier that day. An early morning trailer wash before a long day of setting up in the hot sun was on the agenda for our first full day in Oregon. The Deschutes County Expo & Fair Grounds was the perfect venue for this awesome event. Overland Expo PNW was an awesome time catching up with old friends and making new ones. The trailers brought a great deal of excitement and it was amazing to share them with so many like minded individuals. After the Expo on Sunday, it was time to pack up and drive west to meet up with a friend and head to the Oregon Coast. Arriving to the coast as the sun was setting there was time to find a remove camp site just off the Pacific Coast Highway to get some rest after a long day. An early rise and quick breakfast allowed us to get to the skateboard park to stretch our legs before giving surfing a try. The Pacific Ocean was cold, but the waves were breaking, and after acclimatizing to the water, it was easy to stay in all day long. Beat up and tired, we found a state park to charge up the trailer, cook a hot meal and get a good nights sleep after enjoying the sunset over the ocean. After making our way inland towards Mt. Hood, the chairlifts were spinning and the trifecta was complete. After a day on the mountain it was time to start heading home. The couple hour drive north towards Yakima, WA. in search of another Camp Spot was manageable but exhausting. After arriving to camp, there was nothing to do but have a small fire and relax before heading to bed. With a full day of driving ahead of them, it was an early morning before hitting the road journeying back home to Canada.

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