The OGT 3.0 Improvements.

Off Grid Trailers continues to listen to our customers and community and improve the quality, craftsmanship and ammenities of our all-metal off-road capable camping trailers.  

The changes we have made to improve both the Expedition & Pando trailers, as well as our recently launched Sprocket/Sprocket X are specifically designed to improve the user experience and create an easier, safer, and better overland and off-road camping trailer.  

In addition to our Sprocket/ Sprocket X models, our industry-leading Pando 2.0 and Expedition 2.0 are now even better with the upgrade to 3.0 versions. As an industry leader, we are used to pushing boundaries to create a better purchase and ownership experience for our customers. Off Grid Trailers is happy to announce that we are among the very few RVIA Compliant off-road trailer manufacturers in North America.  

As an active RVIA member with active model compliance, you can be certain that not only our trailers are up to the highest quality, but each and every component also meets those standards.  

The RVIA Compliance and Seal now classify our sleep-in class of off-road capable overlanding trailers as RVs rather than utility trailers. This means that our trailers will now be easier to finance, allowing our customers to qualify for lower and more competitive interest rates. Our trailers will be easier to register at your local DMV, easier to insure, and even easier to transport across international borders.  

While our models have always conformed to the utmost safety and quality standards including NFPA 1192, the RVIA Compliance process is the next evolution for OGT providing additional confidence in our manufacturing and quality assurance/control processes; while we are biased, we at OGT stand behind our product as the safest and highest quality overland camping trailer lineup in North America.  

“The RV industry is committed to promoting exploration, adventure, and responsible recreation, while advocating for innovation and conservation in our business practices. As an association, we encourage and promote sustainability, diversity, safety, and the many community activities of our member companies. Find out how the RV industry and our partners in the outdoor segment are working together to create accessible, inclusive, and lasting positive experiences for millions of Americans looking to enjoy the benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle.” – RVIA 

What has changed between the 2.0 & 3.0 versions of the Pando & Expedition?  

Truma Aqua Go Comfort Plus On-Demand Water Heater 

This represents an improvement in functionality, capacity, and reliability for your water system.  We chose this as supply chains stabilized post – COVID eraThe new Truma Aqua Go Comfort Plus system comes with a higher capacity and simplified winterization procedure. The new system has the benefit of being fully approved by RVIA for use in our trailers. 

Truma Vario Heat 

The Truma Vario Heat is more reliable, and a higher quality furnace. The unit is significantly quieter and much more energy efficient on its low setting. In the high setting, the unit is significantly more powerful. 

Base model includes an all-in-one pure sine inverter/charger / charger: Xantrex 1000 with an optional upgrade to the Xantrex 2000 Inverter/charger 

OGT upgraded all our sleep-in base models to the Xantrex 1000: this allows 50 amps of charging/service for the Xantrex 1000 while the 2000 does 80 amps – which means they can charge the batteries from flat in 2-4 hours, and at the same time run your fridge/inverter/charger/lights/fanXantrex model inverter/chargers (1000 and 2000) are ready to go for BMS equipped lithium batteries. 

Dual 12V breakers 

The 2.0 system used 1 breaker to supply the inverter/charger and the fuse panel. The new 3.0 system has one breaker specifically for the base model inverter/charger/charger and its leads, and one breaker for the master fuse panel exclusively. The inverter/charger and the 12v positive system can now be isolated or shut off independently. 

GFCI outlets 

In the new 3.0 system we have upgraded all outlets to GFCI outlets for additional safety at all circuits 

Propane tank mounted on front box 

As a part of the RVIA compliance audit, we were required to relocate the propane tank to the area between the tow vehicle and the trailer on the front wall of the front storage cabinet. It is also much easier for the consumer to mount secondary tanks in this area if desired. 

Isolated Battery Storage 

The batteries are now 100% isolated from the front storage box in their own ventilated compartment.    Bulkhead electrical fittings pass current through to the inverter/charger and 12V bus system.    

110v system has complete electrical panel with interior access 

There is now an electrical panel with labelled 15a breakers and a rough in for 110v AC supply in every trailer.   This system protects the shore power supply cord and all the 110 wiring in the trailer.  

Propane detector, smoke/CO detector, interior fire extinguisher 

While OGT included these components in 2.0 model production, this is a standard carried forward safety features in all sleep-in Off Grid Trailers allowing you to rest easy knowing that safety is our number 1 priority.  

30 ft, 15amp shore power cord Included 

By using out certified and provided show power cord, there are no questions whether your extension cord is adequate to serve the capacity of the inverter/charger 

Solar panel solar port fused inline (20a) 

The new inline fuse protects the wiring between the battery and the port, keeping your batteries from overcharging.  

Heavy gauge grounding on fuse block 

New inverter/charger and improved circuits on the positive side are matched by new grounding system and new grounding to the inverter/charger housingThe new durable inverter/charger stud is installed in an unpainted area of the frame, with a star washer for little maintenance need. 

Propane shut off valves (kitchen LP appliances) 

To ensure your safety we have added propane shut off valves in both the Pando & Expedition. When the rear hatch is closed in the Pando the propane to your cooktop will be automatically shut off. When the Expedition kitchen is closed, the propane to the cooktop will be automatically shut off.  

Upgraded shower system 

We have made significant improvements to the shower system with balancing faucets that are easier to adjust the shower temperature with an improved shower head for increased longevity. 

RVIA dictated industry standard testing for high and low voltage electrical systems, propane system, and water system 

OGT has carried forward our required testing procedures to ensure the integrity of insulation for 110v systems, ensures grounding of all components, and provides for leak-down pressure testing for propane and water systems to detect even the smallest of leaks during the Quality Assurance phase before your trailer leaves the plant. 

RVIA member labelling certifying compliance 

An additional compliance label will now be affixed to the trailers to provide safety information on all trailer systems with the added benefit of customer registration and export/import being even more hassle-free. 

LP line protection inside fender & front mounted LP tank 

With the change to propane tank placement, our LP lines are well protected and secured to ensure your safety while exploring rugged terrain. 

Upgraded sink/water trap 

Our 3.0 sink is CSA approved (much like the 2.0 sink systems) and stamped as required by RVIAA water trap has been added which ensures that even if the system is connected to a portable sewer or grey water collection system, no gases can be emitted back up through the plumbing – as with any RV or residential system. 

Stove RVIA compliant for outdoor use 

On the 3.0 trailers, we have upgraded the standard stove to a higher output Dometic dual burner stove that is RVIA Compliant and tested for longevity; a benefit to supply chain stabilization post-Covid. 

OGT Evolution Series Suspension 

On all new 3.0 trailers with the upgraded OGT Evolution Series suspension, we will include additional toe and camber adjustments allowing you to adjust the suspension over the life of the trailer.  

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