Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia, Canada

September 2020

11 people, 7 vehicles, 5 trailers, 4 days, 68 miles, 6200 feet of elevation – 1 Epic Adventure. The Off Grid Trailers team took on the Whipsaw Trail to put there rigs to the test.

In September 2020 the crew at Off Grid Trailers teamed up with Overlanding BC now Overland Training Canada and planned to venture out into the wilderness and show the world and a few lucky OGT Owners just how capable the Off Grid Trailer models really are. As with most plans it quickly changed, the world abruptly came to a halt making it difficult to bring along as many OGT Owners as intended, but as they say – the show must go on.

With a tight knit crew, the Whipsaw Trail Expedition was the inaugural journey to cement the newfound partnership between Off Grid Trailers and Overland Training Canada. Off Grid Trailers and Overland Training Canada will be planning many more expeditions and will invite OGT Owners along for the journey to show what the trailers are really capable of under the direction of the world class team at Overland Training Canada.

The Whipsaw Trail is located in British Columbia, Canada and is a challenging and fun trail. The trail is located near Princeton, British Columbia and requires some very technical driving with a range of fun obstacles that will test the limits of your vehicle and trailer. 

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