Our Step-by-Step Travel Trailer Sales Process

We want to be open and honest about how we do business with our customers. Below is our step-by-step process to help answer any questions you may have. Visit our FAQ page for more information. Our team is with you every step of the process.

Customer Interest 

The customer is interested in an Off Grid Trailer


We offer financing through third-party lenders. Once the application has been processed, the customer should hear from the financing partner directly. If paying personally, instructions will be sent with the invoice on methods of payment.  The customer is responsible at time of order agreement to ensure payment is arranged.

Customize Order

Customer orders their trailer via our Build Your Trailer tool online and selects the options they would like.

Build Sheet

The Build Sheet is created internally by the Client Service Specialist at OGT. Order Sheet is then Signed by OGT customer, including in/out of production date and delivery ESTIMATE and location; Includes complete contact information. 


OGT updates order, invoicing, assigns VIN, and prepares tilting documentation (Bill Of Sale, NVIS, MCO). OGT completes preliminary delivery paperwork. The financier, if applicable, is notified of the order. 


4 weeks before Production start, OGT sends customer estimated completion date, original titling documents, and invoices customer for payment. Payment must be received the 2 weeks before completion date. Financing, if applicable, completes payments to OGT on completion.


Delivery of trailer at OGT or logistics confirmed with customer/delivery complete. Customer pickups require customers to bring a plate or travel permit for the trailer.


Customer registers warranty online offgridtrailers/warranty


OGT will follow up with customers within six weeks of receiving the trailer.

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