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Off road trailers warranty

OGT Customer Experience Process FAQ’s:


Off Grid Trailers is backed by a family oriented private equity company with a number of strong manufacturing partners. We are a mainstay in the industry and we DO NOT require a deposit to fund any of our trailers in production. You will get an end to end customer-oriented experience with the satisfaction of knowing OGT is here to support you over the long term as part of the OGT family.

Does OGT sell trailer kits or designs?

We do not offer kits or sell any designs at OGT, though you may find imitations to our designs.  While we do deal with many of these requests, we sell complete units only in order to preserve the trailer fit and finish and overall quality control.  We feel this also preserves resale and overall value of our customers’ purchases.

Can I custom wrap my trailer?

Yes.  We work with an in house graphic designer to achieve your vision.  There is a custom wrap fee that includes 6 hours of design time.  Our designer will work with you directly over email to accomplish your design, subject to final approval by OGT.  You can expect to hear from our designer before your trailer goes into production approx. 2-4 weeks from delivery.  All custom wraps require, at a minimum, a rear facing 6 inch OGT logo.

How do I order my trailer?

You can build your trailer on our website directly (“build your trailer”).  You can also reach out to OGT directly.  We find the online build tool the simplest for customers and can be used on any device.  In either process, you will receive an updated OGT Order sheet/contract for review and signing including outlining our terms and conditions for the order.  *NOTE: a production slot is not guaranteed until OGT received a signed order contract.

Will I need to provide funds for the trailer through financing?

No, OGT works directly with our finance partners and payment occurs directly from our partners to OGTLP.

Are better finance rates available?

There may be better rates from our finance partners depending on your credit.  We provide finance partners; however, we encourage our customers to also inquire with their own financial institutions.

Will I receive all my paperwork to register my trailer before delivery?

Yes; full payment is due 2 weeks before delivery and OGT will courier all titling documents to you in advance of delivery for registration and insurance purposes.

Are delivery fees included with the trailer purchase?

No, delivery fees are quoted at time of purchase and confirmed prior to delivery (due to fuel surcharge changes).  Delivery fees can be included with the trailer invoice or separately depending on the customer needs.

Our quotes are provided by our preferred freight and logistics partner Caneda transport.  LTL (less than truckload) freight is dependant on consolidation of freight, backhaul opportunities, as well as shipping lanes (backhauls as well here).  Our freight is the cost of freight and OGT subsidized the importation for US customers as well as the offload fee as we ship in enclosed 53 foot vans.

Is direct delivery the only option for me?

No.  We encourage customers to pickup their units and plan a vacation on the way back; a fun way to enjoy your new adventure gear!  We can also arrange pickup at our OGT Location Ambassadors; keep updated with our location ambassadors at  https://offgridtrailers.com/home/contact-us/

As a US resident, will I be required to pay Canadian taxes and what currency do I pay in ?

No, US Customers are exempt from Canadian Taxes as the trailers are exported to the US once they have been paid for in full in their home currency (USD).  However, US customers will be required to pay their State tax.

As a US resident, will I be required to provide additional personal information?

Yes. OGT trailers delivered to US based customers or locations require either the personal customers Social Security Number OR a US based business tax IDnumber (EIN) / IRS Number. As the value of the trailers are >$2500 this is a legal requirement by US Customs and Border Protection. More information can be found on this here

What currency will I be invoiced in?

Customers are billed in their home currency based on their location pricing (USD versus CDN).  Our Canadian customers are billed in Cdn currency; our US customers are billed in USD currency.

Does my OGT trailer include an owners manual?

Yes.  All OGT trailers include a comprehensive owners manual, warranty information, and a trailer registration process.

What is the warranty and how is it handled?

Off Grid Trailers LP offers a comprehensive warranty including an industry leading 5 year frame structural integrity guarantee.  Every OGT trailer also includes a 1 year comprehensive manufacturers guarantee on all trailer warranty components.

Our design incorporates low warranty claims but if there are any specific concerns OGT works directly with each customer to resolve the issue by either providing parts, connecting OGT to key suppliers for component warranty, or working with area RV service centers.

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