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Expedition 2.0

The Expedition is our most rugged and popular model. The steep departure angle caters to the off-road enthusiast while the fold out galley kitchen doesn’t compromise convenience or storage.

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Pando 2.0

The Pando is our take on all-in-one rear galley style tear drop camping. You’ll find your camping party crowding around the convenient rear kitchen; basecamp redefined!

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“Off Grid Trailers starts with building AutoCAD Inventor 3d models to design and run testing simulations.  Our 3D models include engineering testing and refinement.  Manufacturing and fabrication on our products is state of the art including digital welding, CNC router, laser cutting, and 3D printing.” – Duane CEO

Off Grid Trailers Offers Financing!

At Off Grid Trailers, we’ve designed our off-road trailers for traversing the backwoods, venturing off the beaten path and outside campgrounds to truly commune with and experience the wild. But, we know that buying an Off Grid Trailer is an investment and for some, a distant dream. Because we want to connect you with nature, to make that dream a reality for you now, we’ve teamed up with financial partners that specialize in trailer financing.

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OGT Features

We build our off-road trailers with zero wood! We only use high-quality materials so your trailer will last.

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OGT redefines camping with innovative off-road trailers designed to connect you with nature, inviting you to explore the wild with unparalleled adventure. Bringing backcountry camping into the mainstream, we build durable trailers that can withstand any climate and any terrain. But we don’t just build trailers, we build relationships: with our customers and our team, with our partners and vendors.

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