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Off Grid Trailers: COVID-19 Update

Stay safe and stay healthy – a message we are sending to all our family, colleagues, customers, and partners.  OGT continues to monitor the situation day to day while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers.  This is not without challenges particularly going into the fall and winter with rising supply chain issues.

OGT has no reported cases of COVID-19 in the company and we are complying with health recommendations to keep our business environment safe.  We have discontinued open shop and trailer tours (by appointment only) as well as limiting pickups, and are continuing to work with our US customers to provide safe alternatives to picking up their completed units.  The US border is still open to trade and our production continues.  We will continue to keep our customers informed as we continue to export trailers into the US.

We continue to experience supply chain and staffing issues, as everyone in the industry has, which unfortunately has had some production delay impacts.  We are all very positive and continue to update our customers as we keep up production and deliveries.  We apologize for the frustrations caused by this as we continue to work with our partners to keep our supplies coming.

While much or our administrative team conducts work from home, many with families, we ask for all our customers patience as we work daily to ensure production and deliveries continue.  Many of our customers have been extremely understanding which is fantastic!

OGT will continue to focus on getting it done for our amazing customers, while ensuring we are safe and healthy during this extended time. 

Stay well everyone,

Duane, OGT

Off Grid Trailers will be closed for the holidays Thursday, December 24 through Monday, December 28 inclusive and on Friday, January 1, 2021.

Take a closer look at OGT’s newest trailer, the Switchback!

Watch as the OGT Team, along with trail experts from Overlanding BC, put the new Swtichback R and Switchback S through the ultimate test along the rugged Whipsaw Trail.

Off Grid Trailers starts with building AutoCAD Inventor 3d models to design and run testing simulations.  Our 3D models include engineering testing and refinement.  Manufacturing and fabrication on our products are state of the art including digital welding, CNC router, laser cutting, and 3D printing. Then, the trailers are powder coated and custom wrapped. 

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At Off Grid Trailers we believe everyone wants to experience the joys of the wild. That’s why we’ve partnered with financiers so you can escape civilization sooner. Apply today to see what financing is available and get back to nature.

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Our Values

Off Grid Trailers redefines camping with innovative off-road trailers designed to connect you with nature, inviting you to explore the wild with unparalleled adventure. Bringing backcountry camping into the mainstream, we build durable off-road trailers that can withstand any climate and any terrain. But we don’t just build trailers, we build relationships: with our customers and our team, with our partners and vendors.

What people are saying on Facebook

Christopher Kracht  recommends Off Grid Trailers.
Christopher Kracht recommends Off Grid Trailers.
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Off Grid trailers are the best purpose-built teardrops in the Canada and US market. Everything with my purchase went great. The lead time was only 60 days. Both my location Ambassador Ken, with Campers and Gear, and delivery Ambassador Randy, with Lead Dog Motorsports, were extremely helpful with both pre and post-sales questions. I have taken my trailer on everything from simple to pinstriping, off-camber moderate trails. It handles it all with ease. We are very happy with our purchase. I am now a Off Grid Ambassador. If anyone is in the Phoenix area and would like to see our trailer in person let me know!
Steve Croft  recommends Off Grid Trailers.
Steve Croft recommends Off Grid Trailers.
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We met OGT at the BC Overland Rally in Whistler BC, loved their Expedition 2.0 so much we purchased one. We have been searching for 3 years to find the perfect off grid exploration unit and we’re sure the Expedition won’t disappoint. Thanks and watch this space for updates on our North American adventures. Steve and Christine
Heather Jonson  recommends Off Grid Trailers.
Heather Jonson recommends Off Grid Trailers.
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We love our Pando offgrid trailer. We recently purchased one after 2 years of researching a unit. We love the quality, price, and company culture. These guys are so personable with each customer, these can be customized and are Alberta built. We could not recommend a product more whole heartedly. Thanks offgrid 🥰🏕🏞 I have taken my trailer on everything from simple to pinstriping, off-camber moderate trails. It handles it all with ease. We are very happy with our purchase. I am now a Off Grid Ambassador. If anyone is in the Phoenix area and would like to see our trailer in person let me know!
Matt Wiberg recommends Off Grid Trailers
Matt Wiberg recommends Off Grid Trailers
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I’ve been looking for my first trailer for a few years now both researching online and viewing them at dealerships and RV shows. I decided to finally purchase an Expedition 2.0 this year and I couldn’t be happier with it. I can say with confidence Off Grid is miles ahead of anything else on the market right now. These trailers are built to last. The build quality is exceptional and the functionality of the trailer continues to impress me each time I have had it out. I do a lot of off road camping and needed something small enough to fit down some pretty narrow challenging terrain without sacrificing the options I wanted in a trailer. Towing, parking and storing is a breeze. I cant say enough good about these trailers and the company as a whole. Duane and the crew were and continue to be outstanding with customer service. I have taken my trailer on everything from simple to pinstriping, off-camber moderate trails. It handles it all with ease. We are very happy with our purchase. I am now a Off Grid Ambassador. If anyone is in the Phoenix area and would like to see our trailer in person let me know!
Robert L Knasel reviewed Off Grid Trailers – 5 star
Robert L Knasel reviewed Off Grid Trailers – 5 star
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After building my own trailer, and researching most of the trailers offered, I think this is the best trailer for your money. Highly recommend.
Colin Yankee recommends Off Grid Trailers
Colin Yankee recommends Off Grid Trailers
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Short version - my OGT Expo has met and exceeded my expectations. Long version . . . I ordered my OGT Expo 2.0 in March 2020 right before COVID shifted everyone's plans and created supply chain and production disruption in every industry. I had been contemplating a trailer for a long time, lurking around YouTube and Facebook evaluating all the options. The Expo fit the bill for me to tow behind my LandCruiser and a Chevy ZR2. I have four kids, so we don't travel light, and a wife that tolerates my hobbies, but likes the creature comforts, so the configuration of the Expo worked for our situation. The dimensions fit for working down the narrow forest roads and trails of the southeastern US, the ability to get my young ones in the sleeping compartment and my wife and I in the roof top tent, having a furnace, shower, and fridge all in one package meant my prep and packing time before our trips have been reduced, and the quality of build for a longer term lower total cost of ownership was important to me. The ordering process was smooth and easy. COVID disruptions hit and created some delays in the production timeline and experience, but I work in operations, and was living this same thing in my business, so I understood the challenges. I had the trailer delivered to my house, and that was a good experience. We've used our trailer everywhere from state parks, to camping along Forest Service roads along the Georgia Traverse and Kentucky Adventure Trail, to a friend's farm field. It tows and tracks well on and off road, it's easy to maneuver backwards (I am not the most skilled at backing up a trailer), and both my vehicles have had no issues pulling it fully loaded. I got the RTT, 270 awning, shower walls, and awning walls, and boot bag for the RTT. We've used everything so far to keep us out of the rain, break up the wind, and offer privacy. We also got the TV - which we have had good use for streaming using remote wifi from my truck. The shower is a really nice touch with the on demand hot water, and we've just now gotten into "winter" use in the southeast US, but the furnace has been awesome. The lighting on the inside of the sleeping area is excellent and so is the angle and illumination of the external lighting over the doors. I like the new door configuration on the 2020's, they are nice and tall, but I have spent some time adjusting the latches so they close and open easily. That was a bit frustrating with how stiff/finicky they were, but the OGT team was quick with communication and I eventually got them dialed in. My modifications so far that I could see being integrated into future designs/options: I added LED lighting in the stove/sink area and in the front and rear storage areas - it's tough to see in those areas and work in them at night without additional lighting. I added a marine underlayer pad to the mattress to lift it slightly off the sleeping compartment deck. While opening and closing the doors in wet conditions, the sheet on the mattress would absorb water. This additional lift has helped with reducing that problem. I added a canvas overlanding style trash bag to the spare tire up front. I cut down a stall mat from Tractor Supply to line the storage rack on top of the front box. This adds a little traction for when I am standing on top of the trailer (which I have do as part of my RTT deployment/packing up) and the pad adds some protection for when I throw fire wood up there. I like the flexible shelving configuration in the rear storage area. I have pulled most of the shelves out and I am using storage boxes to keep stuff contained. I also lined those rear shelves with tool box matting to prevent some items from shifting while driving. The trailer gets attention wherever it goes because it looks badass, so be prepared to talk about it when you are out and about.

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Off Grid Trailer owners are inspired by overlanding and off grid camping. Our owners are like-minded individuals coming together as a community to engage with nature and for camping off the grid.  The Pack shares ideas, stories, and advice to enhance the groups passion for exploration. Run with the OGT Pack today!