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Expedition 2.0: Squaredrop Trailer

The Expedition 2.0 is our most rugged and popular off-road trailer model - and for good reason. With its militaristic design and compact construction, this heavy-duty and customizable off-road camping trailer is built to tackle the toughest off-road conditions.

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Pando 2.0: Off-Road Teardrop Trailer

The Pando 2.0 is the traditional teardrop trailer reimagined. Complete with a rear gallery outdoor kitchen and four storage compartments, the Pando Teardrop Trailer connects you with the outdoors without sacrificing the space, amenities, and comforts of home.

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“Off Grid Trailers starts with building AutoCAD Inventor 3d models to design and run testing simulations.  Our 3D models include engineering testing and refinement.  Manufacturing and fabrication on our products are state of the art including digital welding, CNC router, laser cutting, and 3D printing.” – Duane Off Grid Trailers CEO

Off Grid Offers Financing on all Off-Road Trailers

At Off Grid Trailers, we’ve designed our off-road trailers for traversing the backwoods and venturing off the beaten path beyond campgrounds to truly commune with and experience the wild. We know that buying an Off-Road Trailer is a significant investment that is, for some, a distant dream. We want to connect you with nature and to make your dream a reality, and to accomplish this we’ve teamed up with financial partners that specialize in off-road trailer financing.

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Off Grid Trailers redefines camping with innovative off-road trailers designed to connect you with nature, inviting you to explore the wild with unparalleled adventure. Bringing backcountry camping into the mainstream, we build durable off-road trailers that can withstand any climate and any terrain. But we don’t just build trailers, we build relationships: with our customers and our team, with our partners and vendors.

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  • positive review  If you’re anything like us, you spend weeks, months, and maybe even a year thinking about your particular needs and lifestyle before ever making a purchase. While it’s nearly impossible to purchase anything that has all the components you have pictured in your mind, the Off Grid Expedition 2.0 comes pretty close. It actually goes beyond some of those imaginings and includes components we did not even account for. First of all, any item we purchase (especially a larger ticket item) has to have good customer service (they have to return your emails/calls, answer your questions, help you match your expectations for the product). As consumers, we’re past the point where a seller acts like they’re doing you a favor by supplying you with their product. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. That’s definitely NOT the way it works with Off Grid Trailers. From the beginning of the process where we reached out to ask about production time on Instagram to three months after receiving the trailer, when we have had follow up questions after using the trailer, we have gotten almost immediate feedback. Duane Leedell, the owner of Off Grid has followed up directly on multiple occasions. In addition, it is not just the owner who goes above and beyond, but employees of the company, including Ken, the owner of the storefront in Erie, Colorado, where we picked up our trailer. Not only did he have everything ready for us, he answered questions, provided demonstrations, helped move our rooftop tent from our truck to our trailer, and also assisted greatly by helping us find a local (Matt from Off Grid Engineering) in the area when we had electrical issues after hooking the trailer to the truck (a fault of the combo meter on the truck, not the trailer). One of the biggest selling points for us was the versatility when using the trailer. We researched many different models of camper trailers and off road trailers and were stuck on whether we wanted to sleep in a tent or inside. With the Expedition 2.0, we have the best of both worlds. With sleeping quarters inside and a tent on top, we can make a decision based on exactly where we are and what we are doing. When it’s raining heavily or if we need to pull over for a few hours of sleep while driving, we can now just climb inside the trailer. When we picked up our trailer, we had a planned short break from work that allowed us time to test out our new purchase. We camped in the Rocky Mountains during the first week of April and there were still large patches of unmelted snow on the ground. Nights got cold (dropping down to the 20s), but the furnace worked perfectly to keep us comfortable. Now, using the trailer in summer months has shown us that it is just as comfortable in the warm weather as it was in the cold. Having the two windows up when it’s a little warm provides a crossbreeze that keeps you cool. If it’s a humid, sticky night like those here in Kentucky during the summer, having the windows open with the fan drawing air (or blowing it in - your choice) helps keep you comfortable and sleeping well. As far as the rest of the trailer, the build is solid. We have gone through multiple bad thunderstorms where winds were at 60 mph. While we aren’t recommending you purposely try to drive through bad weather, we were pretty impressed that the trailer withstood the storms with no issues. The straight tracking and the ride of the trailer is unbelievable. You look back and it almost seems to float over all road conditions, due to the Timbren 3500 axle less suspension, its aluminum body and steel frame. Above all though, the Expedition 2.0 makes camping simple. Everything is there - the stove and the sink, the shower, the fridge. There is less work on you as far as packing out boxes and the items you would have carried separately before owning the trailer. Not only do you have all the necessities to keep you going for a good while away from home, you have more storage space than ever expected. We were able to easily carry enough in the trailer for four people for two weeks with no issue. Even if we had gotten to the point where we needed to refill, taking the trailer to populated areas like WalMart, or any store (shopping mall included) is easy. Before posting our review, we wanted to have the opportunity to use the trailer in different conditions. Upon purchasing, it looks great, but unfortunately a review can’t just be based on looks. Fortunately for ourselves, we are incredibly pleased with our purchase and the performance of the Off Grid Expedition 2.0. We’ve also found that the trailer is a conversation piece. There hasn’t been a day on our travels where we haven’t found someone either snapping a picture or waiting outside to ask questions or comment on the trailer. Be prepared to stop and talk. We’ve had only good things to say! For more about us, look up ramblin_mountain_dogs on Instagram.

    thumb Darren Johnson

    positive review  We love our Pando offgrid trailer. We recently purchased one after 2 years of researching a unit. We love the quality, price, and company culture. These guys are so personable with each customer, these can be customized and are Alberta built. We could not recommend a product more whole heartedly. Thanks offgrid 🥰🏕🏞

    thumb Heather Jonson
  • positive review  We met OGT at the BC Overland Rally in Whistler BC, loved their Expedition 2.0 so much we purchased one. We have been searching for 3 years to find the perfect off grid exploration unit and we’re sure the Expedition won’t disappoint. Thanks and watch this space for updates on our North American adventures. Steve and Christine

    thumb Steve Croft

    positive review  I’ve been looking for my first trailer for a few years now both researching online and viewing them at dealerships and RV shows. I decided to finally purchase an Expedition 2.0 this year and I couldn’t be happier with it. I can say with confidence Off Grid is miles ahead of anything else on the market right now. These trailers are built to last. The build quality is exceptional and the functionality of the trailer continues to impress me each time I have had it out. I do a lot of off road camping and needed something small enough to fit down some pretty narrow challenging terrain without sacrificing the options I wanted in a trailer. Towing, parking and storing is a breeze. I cant say enough good about these trailers and the company as a whole. Duane and the crew were and continue to be outstanding with customer service.

    thumb Matt Wiberg

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