About Off Grid Trailers®

The Passion Behind Off Grid Trailers®

Instead of planning your vacations based on available campsites or cabin rentals, imagine packing up and taking the road less travelled: scouting through the Rockies, trekking through the Mojave, fishing the Columbia River, hunting in the Tennessee Valley, bouldering in the Appalachians, camping in the Great Plains.

Off Grid Trailers® give you the freedom to explore the backwoods, the rainforests, the great wide open – to truly escape civilization, to fully engage with nature, and to wholeheartedly connect with each other. Be a renegade, go all-in, build memories with an Off Grid Trailer®.

OGT® was originally started as a passion project; that holds true today.  The first few OGT® trailers were garage built, but once the trailers saw the road, the trailers attracted attention and immediately sold. With the next project, the trailer design was improved, with subtle changes to enhance both quality and functionality. Since that first trailer, our team continues to innovate our designs based on customer feedback, resulting in the models we make today.

Duane leedell

A Message From Our President

Our goal at Off Grid Trailers® is to bring backcountry camping to everyone. We are a family oriented private equity backed company with strong manufacturing ties. OGT® is an industry mainstay and we want to ensure our customers are treated like family over the long term.

Duane and the entire team at Off Grid Trailers® continue to believe that customers are always the source of success, and that craftsmanship and quality can always improve. Not so different from pushing boundaries in adventure and overlanding, the team at Off Grid Trailers® continues to improve through unique design, manufacturing, and genuinely listening to our current and future customers feedback.

Adventurous and creative, ambitious and curious, the OGT® teams passion for design, quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship are only matched by their love of the outdoors – a love that guides everything we do at Off Grid Trailers®. Our off-road teardrop camper trailers are inspired by overlanding and off-grid camping– they’re designed for engaging with nature, for camping off the grid.