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Share your love of the off-grid lifestyle and get paid

Do you love your Off Grid Trailer? Do you often find yourself talking endlessly to friends, family & strangers alike about your amazing overland camper trailer? Would you like to get paid for the time?

Request to join the Off Grid Trailer® Pack Ambassador Program and earn $750 per trailer viewing, when a trailer is sold. 

How the ‘Pack ambassador Program’ works

Off Grid Trailers®, as a direct-to-consumer company, often get requests to view a trailer in a location that is far away from our head office in Edmonton, AB, or our location ambassadors in Lake Havasu, AZ, San Antonio, TX or Holland, MI. When this happens, we rely on our strong base of passionate customers to help. 

What is required of a Pack Ambassador is the dedication of time to engage with a potential customer via email or phone call after an introduction has been made by the Off Grid Trailers® sales team along with coordinating an in-person viewing of your trailer at your home or a mutually agreed upon location. 

In-person viewings will generally last between 30 minutes and 1 hour and include a walk around the unit as well as answering a variety of quality and use-case-type questions from the potential customer. 

Once the viewing is complete, it is important to report back to the Off Grid Trailers® Sales team to ensure it is tracked and you get paid upon the delivery to the new customer. 

‘Pack ambassador Program’ Process

Upon signing up for the program you will be added to our list of vetted “OGT Pack Ambassadors” and listed on our “View a Trailer” page. 

When a potential customer in your area is interested in viewing a trailer, you will receive an email from our sales team ensuring you are available and still interested in showing your trailer. If you express interest, our sales team will send out an initial email communication to introduce you to the potential new customer. 

Once in contact with the new customer, you will arrange an in-person viewing. You can choose to do the viewing at your home, a local shopping mall, campsite, trailhead or any other mutually agreed upon location. 

Upon completion of the in-person viewing, we ask that you fill out the form in your Ambassador Program account. Once the new customer takes delivery of their new Off Grid Trailer®, you will be paid your $750 Pack Ambassador Fee.

Beyond OGT-initiated viewings, you are also able to set up your own viewings; whether scheduled or impromptu. Whether you are camping, fueling up, or showing a neighbor your trailer, simply collect some basic contact info, including their first name, last name, email address & phone number to submit through the referral system and you will earn $750 when they complete the purchase of their new Off Grid Trailer®. 

Why Join the pack?

Off Grid Trailers® redefines camping with innovative trailers designed to connect people with nature, inviting everyone to explore the wild with unparalleled adventure. We’re bringing backcountry camping into the mainstream; we build durable trailers that can withstand any climate and any terrain.

We don’t just build trailers, we build relationships: with our customers and our team, with our partners and vendors. We are proud of our success and there is no greater gratification than being recognized by industry leaders. 


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