Off Grid Values and Connection to Nature

Off Grid Trailers™ redefines camping with innovative and compelling trailers designed to connect you with nature, inviting you to explore the wild with unparalleled adventure. Bringing backcountry camping into the mainstream, we build durable trailers that can withstand any climate and any terrain. But we don’t just build trailers, we build value and relationships: with our customers and our team, with our partners and vendors.


Everything we do at Off Grid Trailers™ is about connection: to nature, to each other. Our trailers are a manifestation of that value – they’re designed to invite connection with nature, together.

Innovation and Quality

To design and build trailers that don’t just last but outlast, we’re forward-thinking, we continually prioritize improvement and discovery.

Trust and Confidence

We work hard to design and build a product you can count on and a relationship you can trust. Keeping in continual contact with our customers, we value your feedback and revel in your adventures, giving you confidence in our trailers and our expertise.


We’re not just part of an adventure community around the world, we’re dedicated to growing, nurturing, and supporting that community. Connection can’t happen without community, and being an active, contributing, authentic member matters to us.


Adventure is our passion. Exploring the world, engaging wholeheartedly, and seeking out connection with fervor guides us in our approach to design and service.

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