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Warranty Policies



Off Grid Tools (OGTools) warrants that OGTools products will be free of defects in either workmanship or materials. Imported OGTools products have a 1-year limited warranty. OGTools products that are made in the USA have a lifetime limited warranty.  This warranty does not apply to any damages resulting from misuse, negligence, accidents, abuse, or improper repair. OGTools will replace or repair, at its option, the same or like value product if the product does not perform as warranted. If the product does not perform as warranted, the original purchaser can contact OGTools at 800-815-4401 or  Repair or replacement as provided under this warranty is the exclusive remedy for the original purchaser. OGTools is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied warranty on this product.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.  This warranty gives the owner specific legal rights that may be amended and vary from state to state. Off Grid Tools is a division of Nifty Home Products, Inc., Madison Lake, MN.


All Stryker Inflatable Boats are made using thermoweld or heat weld seams.

Stryker Inflatable Boats are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the period as described following. The copy of the original receipt of purchase will be required upon submission of a warranty claim along with any and all pertinent information (photos, records, etc.) regarding claim.

The Stryker Inflatable Boats hull, floor, hull attachments and accessories, but not limited to, floor boards, seats, rope holders, oar locks, oars, rope, air pump, lifting handles, D rings, valves, seat webbing, and transom integrity are covered by this Limited Warranty for 1 year from date of purchase. All the air holding fabrics are warranted against defects in material or workmanship that cause delamination and seams for 5 years. The repair, replacement of parts, or the performance of service under this warranty does not extend the life of this warranty to beyond its original expiration date. Warranty coverage is non-transferable and applies only to original registered owner.

Commercial Use

If any product purchased is used for rental or other commercial purposes by a corporation, partnership, company, organization or association including without limitation to camps, clubs, resorts, schools, or the like, then the term of this Limited Warranty is limited to a period of 3 years after the date of original purchase.

Owner Responsibility

The owner/operator is responsible for safe operation and safety of its passengers. It is mandatory the owner/operator follows all provincial and federal requirements like licensing, safety requirements and safety gear required. We strongly recommended that the operator read and understand its entire manual before operating the boat. Be sure at least one additional person on board is instructed in the basics in case of an emergency and the operator is unable to operate the boat.

Things NOT Covered

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Discoloration
  • Color fading
  • Damage caused by neglect, lack of maintenance, accident
  • Improper use
  • Use of any other parts other then supplied by Stryker Inflatable Boats
  • Alteration to the Stryker Inflatable Boats or removal of parts not done by an authorized Stryker Inflatable Boats service center or dealer
  • Improper protection against UV-Rays/cold weather
  • Repairs, modifications or tampering by someone other than an authorized Stryker Inflatable Boats service center
  • Damage from deterioration to fabric caused by fuel, harsh chemicals or solvents
  • Any seam separation due to heat exposure
  • The Stryker Inflatable Boats has not been assembled, used, and maintained in accordance with owner’s manual
  • Damage as a result of shipping, warehousing, or storage
  • Any shipping will be the responsibility of the purchaser and any units shipped for repair will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Stryker Inflatable Boats will then ship (if required) the repaired unit, or repaired parts or new part(s) to the purchaser at the responsibility of the purchaser
  • Stryker Inflatable Boats does not cover incidental or consequential costs for any reason what so ever
  • Time for cleaning units in preparation for repair
  • Any repairs resulting from poor service work or maintenance after delivery
  • High-pressure washing
  • Over size engine use
  • Overloading of capacity
  • All inflatables lose some air over time, this is normal and is not a warranty issue


23ZERO tests all its products to the highest of standards to ensure they last in the most challenging outdoor conditions. If you find that one of the products does not function properly simply contact, include the item type and issue along with a photo. In most cases, they will either repair it or exchange it free of charge. In other cases, the will provide the necessary repairs for a reasonable fee. Please understand that they will not be able to repair damage caused by unreasonable usage, or in some cases, the natural lifespan of the product.

23ZERO provides a One (1) or Two (2) years manufacturer’s warranty for Roof top tents for the tent body and 12 months on the cover depending on Series. Recovery Gear has a 12-month warranty. Warranty applies to all materials, craftsmanship and parts but does not cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use, storm damage, improper cleaning and storage or accidents. Warranty is for original purchaser and is not transferable.

What Is Covered

23ZERO Canada warrants to the original purchaser that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship, for the term described, except as qualified below. The life of the product is determined from the date of purchase until such time as the product is no longer serviceable due to normal wear and tear.

Warranty is for original purchaser, is not transferable, and is only available within Canada.

What Is Not Covered

23ZERO shall not be responsible for the natural breakdown of materials that occurs inevitably with extended use (e.g., Ultraviolet (UV) light damage on tents or zipper wear), or defects caused by accident, abuse, alteration, animal attack, storm damage, sparks, embers, fire, misuse, lack of general maintenance or improper care.


Some provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

What 23ZERO Will Do

Upon receiving and inspecting the product, if they find that it had failed due to a manufacturing or material defect, they will repair or replace the product, at our option, without charge. Freight costs are at the responsibility of the purchaser and are non-refundable.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

Return the product, freight prepaid to 23ZERO Canada. Contact via email: or phone: 800-786-3221 prior to shipping.


If your 23ZERO product needs service or repair due to normal wear and tear, animal attack, accident or some other reason that is not covered under the warranty, 23ZERO will provide the necessary service for a reasonable charge, plus shipping and handling. 23ZERO requires that products accepted for any repair be thoroughly cleaned. Please contact via email: or phone: 800-786-3221 and they will work with you to ensure the best remedy.

How provincial law relates to this warranty

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights that vary from province to province.

Warranty Term

Limited Two (2) year warranty applies to all Breezeway and Walkabout Roof Top Tents, components including base, aluminum poles, ladder, fabric, and seams. 12 months on transit cover.

Limited One (1) year warranty applies to all Weekender Roof Top Tents, components including base, aluminum poles, ladder, fabric, seams, and transit cover.

Limited One (1) year warranty applies to all other products.