DMOS Delta Pro Shovel

Color: Blackout
Sale price$399.95

Impeccably designed, incredibly strong, and surprisingly lightweight, the full-sized and fully-collapsible Delta Pro Shovel is the king of versatility. The blade is made from aircraft aluminum and only weights 3lbs, 8 ounces. 

Features & Specs: 

✔ Versatile: 3 blade modes + 3 adjustable shaft lengths (24", 37", 51") Shovel, Hoe, and stow mode; Handle adjusts to two lengths, Foot pad for better leverage when digging.
✔ Heavy Duty: Over 1000 lbs. of payload
✔ Sturdy: Best for mud or hard pack
✔ Durable: Made from light weight 6061 aluminum
✔ Portable: Collapses to 24"x11"x2.75" to stow, pack, or rack mount
✔ Customizable: Vehicle mount and carry bag available
✔ Easy-to-Use: Aluminum: Only 3 lbs., 8 ounces 
✔ Anodized finish: offers ultimate scratch resistance.


The Delta Pro boasts the best strength-to-weight ratio of any full-sized shovel. Masterful engineering and premium materials bring out the best in the Delta Pro's compact, ridiculously tough design.


Bringing one shovel is a challenge as it is. Bringing one that can work as a shovel or a hoe at three different shaft lengths gives you six options for optimal digging and leverage, whether you’re digging out a stuck truck or planting trees.


The market is flooded with cheap shovels and E-tools, most of them of dubious quality and specifications. The Delta, on the other hand, is the result of American engineering, ultra-premium materials, and meticulous attention to detail. Once you feel it in your hand, you’ll know.


Compactability, portability, packability, rackability… Whatever you want to call it, the Delta’s got ability to spare, and it’ll go with you anywhere thanks to the compact design and a mount that’ll keep it rattle-free wherever you roam. Because the best shovel on earth won’t help you if you leave it in your garage.

DMOS has been making shovels for seven years. In that time, they have had an exceptional quality track record. On top of that, under any human-powered load, not one of the shafts have ever failed. The Delta is no exception. The shovel is tested to lift over 1000 lbs., so it won’t bend - even under the toughest situations. The superior materials combined with our innovative engineering make sure the Delta Shovel will never fail you.