Max Coupler 6k - 3" Channel Mount by C U Off Road

Sale price$424.95

The Max Coupler will allow your trailer to go places it has never been!  The tri-axis design allows the trailer to follow along on any trail you decide to travel.  

Sometimes referred to as the "silent hitch", it isolates any shockload with our polyurethane bushing made specifically for us by Energy Suspension.   

The tight tolerances do not allow any build up of inertia to crash into the back of the tow vehicle and makes it feel as though it is one unit instead of a vehicle with a trailer.  It makes it easy to forget you are towing something and enjoy the scenery!

 The 3 inch Bolt-on model (Part # MC240), designed for a trailer with an existing 3" outside diameter drawbar tube, and either bolted on with suitable 1/2" bolts (not supplied) or welded straight to the tube.