Off Grid Standard Wrap Designs

At Off Grid Trailers™ we know your Vehicle and Trailer are an extension of you and your personality. This is why we have over 20 wrap options for you to choose from – which comes standard with your purchase. If you are a looking for something a different and want to really show your personality we do offer a custom wrap option. With our custom wraps you can really let your imagination run wild. You can choose between a Semi-Gloss or Matte Finish wrap with your own custom design. Please note, that we generally, we will cannot match your tow vehicles paint exactly due to differences in the material. 


Pando 2.0 Standard Wraps

Switchback Colour Options

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I get a Custom Wrap?
    • Custom wrap designs are an optional upgrade, just choose it as an option when making your purchase. Your design will be put on our pre-determined material.
  • What finishes can I choose?
    • Finishes can be Lustre (semi-gloss) or Matte. Metallic finished material is available for select colours at an increased price. Please contact OGT™ for details. 
  • Can you colour match my tow vehicle?
    • Exact colour matching may not be possible due to print and material variations. Generally we cannot match you tow vehicle paint colour due to variations in the material. 
  • How accurate are the colours in the mock-ups and images provided?
    • Note that colours seen on this page (and custom designs) may not be exactly as illustrated due to colour/printer/material variations and manufacturer specification differences.
  • How long will my wrap take to design?
    • All custom wraps are allotted up to 3 revisions and a maximum of 6 hours of design time; any time over the allotted 6 hours design time will be billed to the customer.
  • Are there any minimum requirements for the wrap?
    • Custom designs require, at a minimum, a rear facing 6 inch OGT™ logo.
  • Do I own my custom wrap design?
    • All designs are the property of Off Grid Trailers™ and are not available for purchase. Please contact OGT directly for any requirements for design due to damage repair.