Extended Warranty Coverage Available in Canada

Off Grid Trailers Extended Warranty plan offered by First Canadian Protection Plans.

Why Choose a First Canadian Protection Plan?

  • Nationwide Protection
    FCPP covers breakdowns occurring anywhere in Canada and the continental United States.
  • Transferable Coverage
    In the event you choose to sell your Off Grid Trailer, you can apply to transfer the coverage to the next owner for the remainder of the contract/policy term.

Travel with peace of mind.

Travel with a First Canadian Protection Plan. Off Grid Trailers are equipped with the comforts of home including amenities such as furnaces, water pumps and even air conditioners. The many amenities and features that provide comfort and cater to all your travel needs must be maintained and sometimes even repaired. Don’t be worried about unexpected breakdowns and unforeseen costly repairs by taking advantage of the First Canadian Protection Plan. With the cost of service and components increasing each year, an expensive repair could ruin your travel plans. Leave your worries behind with First Canadian Protection Plan. FCPP will quickly and efficiently handle your claim to ensure your vacation is not delayed or cut short. Repair costs are paid directly to the repair facility on authorized services, saving you from out-of-pocket expenses and the inconvenience of waiting for reimbursement.

What is covered by your First Canadian Extended Warranty Plan.

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