What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Off Grid Trailers™

The Ultimate Guide to Off-Road Trailers

Written By: Andy Palmer
Written For: The Adventure Portal

Key Highlights

Off Grid Trailers builds camper trailers for traversing the backwoods, venturing off the beaten path, and outside campgrounds to truly experience the wild. They now have three models to choose from! The Expedition 2.0 –  the rugged off-road camper, the Pando 2.0 – Classic teardrop camper trailer shape that is all-metal, heavy-duty and built to last, as well as the Switchback – an off-road trailer with two galley configurations to choose from.


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expedition overland trailer

Off Grid Makes A True Overland Trailer

Written By: Scott Brady
Written For: Expedition Portal

Key Features of the Expedition 2.0:

  1. All metal construction (i.e. no wood or plastic)
  2. Mold and mildew resistant
  3. 31 gallons of water
  4. On-demand hot water shower
  5. Dual group 31 battery system and solar / inverter options
  6. Excellent off-road performance
  7. High output propane heater (6500 BTU)
  8. Fully insulated for four season use
  9. Large diameter electric brakes (12″ drums)
  10. Extensive storage inside and at the rear of the trailer


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OGT Wins Editor’s Choice by Overland Journal

Written By: Scott Brady

Written For: Overland Journal

Review Highlights 

1. The Off Grid Trailer is a larger trailer, but the massive tires and generous ground clearance create a balanced look.

2. There are top-shelf Dometic kitchen components throughout. 

3. Everything is easy to set up and put into service. 

4. The sleeping area was one of the most comfortable in the test. 

5. A propane shower is a nice touch and is easy to access. 

6. Despite the slightly larger size, the Off Grid was flawless on the trail.


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side view blue expedition overland trailer

Best small trailer of show by New Atlas

OGT wins best small trailer at the 2018 Sand-Water-RV Expo

Canada’s Off Grid Trailers™ (OGT™) offers its own take on compact, ultra-rugged off-road camping trailers, ripping any and all wood construction right out and replacing it with stronger, more reliable metal. That means a steel main frame with aluminum side panels and roof sheeting. The Expedition pictured is OGT’s military-inspired off-road trailer, and though it’s the company’s burliest build, it’s also lighter than its others at 1,750 lb (794 kg). The sharp-angled, 13.8-foot (4.2-m) squaredrop rides on a lifted 3,500-lb Timbren suspension and durable, off-road tires that give it close to 21 in of ground clearance. It also comes standard with a queen mattress, dual deep-cycle batteries, a fold-out kitchen with sink and dual-burner stove, a 55-L fridge/freezer, and an exterior-mount on-demand hot water heater with shower attachment.

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