JULY 2021

12 People. 7 Vehicles. 4 Trailers. 5 Days. 405 Miles. 1 Epic Adventure.

Off Grid Trailers™ teamed up with Overland Training Canada & 5 Star Media Group for an epic overlanding expedition through Southern British Columbiain Canada. Over 5 Days, in early July, we travelled the Kettle Valley Railway taking in all that the overlanding lifestyle has to offer. The KVR is an iconic railroad and a unique trail with a really amazing history and culture.

As a company, Off Grid Trailers, is made up of a team of passionate individuals – passionate about the product and the adventures they can bring you on. That is why we decided to take a few days away from the office to really enjoy what the trailers and go on an adventure to unwind.

The trip started in Castlegar, British Columbia, as we navigated up into the mountains then down to the Columbia Western Railway and through some impressive tunnels and backdrops. The first day ended at the Country Hideaway Campground just outside of Grand Forks, British Columbia where Mike and Wendy welcomed us with open arms.

Leaving the campground, the Off Grid Trailers then went west to Mile Zero of the Kettle Valley Railway in Midway, BC. We then went north along the KVR to Arlington Lake for another night in the Off Grid Trailers. There is no better way to relax then setting up camp next to a lake with a close group of friends.

Day 3 continued down the KVR through Kelowna stopping for a wine tasting just outside of town. Following the winery visit we jumped into some tight technical driving with steep hills, sharp rocks and more. We navigated our way to Chute Lake Resort. With a nice meal, beautiful lake for swimming and fishing we really got to experience the best of both worlds. Everyone relaxed and rested up for day 4 of the adventure.

Following the KVR to the Rock Island Park, stopping to see the sights and take in some attractions, the Off Grid Trailers made into Osprey Lake for another night of camping.

The final day the caravan went through Princeton, BC and up the North to the Coquihalla Highway where everyone parted ways to head home after the epic adventure.

It is important for us to get unpluggeddisconnected and in our happy place out in the wilderness.

Escape Civilization. Wake up in the Wild.