4X4 Camper Trailer Rooftop Tents

4X4 Camper Trailer Rooftop Tents

Depending on where you live (and camp) you may be sleeping out 6 or 9 months a year; enjoying the fresh air and sounds of your favorite camping spots. That’s why a tent is more than an add-on, it’s your home base for your days and nights outdoors.

While you can mount many rooftop tents to our 4×4 camper trailers, we made the choice to exclusively offer 23Zero roof top tents for customers building a new trailer. They have a strong reputation for quality and durability, and their models match up nicely with the dimensions of our roof racks. Today we’re going to look at the models available as you build a trailer (keep in mind that not every tent is available for every trailer model).

23Zero Walkabout

The Walkabout™ comes in more than one size (we offer the 62 and 72). What sets these tents apart is that they are made to last. The base of the tent is constructed with an alloy frame and all metal moving parts, reducing weight while maintaining its strength and durability.

23Zero uses 280GSM Ripstop Polycotton Canvas which is known for its ability to keep out the weather and handle everyday use. The material also keeps the tent up to 20% cooler than conventional fabrics, allowing you to catch a nap or sleep in while the sun is up.

The hardware attached to the tent is important as well, including the telescoping ladder and the snow pole. Both are built to handle stress, and the snow pole is designed for all weather to help you keep tension on the structure with minimal pooling of rain or snow.

23Zero Kabari

The Kabari is a hard top tent that is ideal for quick-setup and tear-down. It’s also a tent that’s designed with tall campers in mind. At 218 cm (7’2”) it has plenty of room. The A-frame design gives you room to move whether you’re sleeping, keeping the bugs out or staying out of the rain.

Some of the features built into this model include:

  • 80mm Rebound Mattress
  • Anti-Condensation Mat
  • Ventilation Screen
  • All Weather Canvas Canopy

The hard shell top of the tent is also built to accept roof bars so the hard top can support gear on top of the tent. That’s not something all tents can handle.

There are many more specifications and optional additions to our camper trailer tents, but we hope this gives you a little to think about if you’re thinking of customizing a trailer any time soon. If you’re curious about the trailer builder, check it out.

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