What Makes an Off Grid Camper Trailer?

What Makes an Off Grid Camper Trailer?

When we started making trailers we didn’t set out to make a trailer that was cheap or used speedy mass-production methods. We set out to create an off grid camper trailer that our customers could take anywhere their truck or SUV could take it; one that would last for as long as anything on the market. Today we’re going to talk about a few basic requirements for a trailer to be truly ‘off grid ready’; they are features that all our trailers must have.

You can’t take a camper trailer off road unless it has ground clearance. Anyone who has tried to take a standard camper trailer into the backcountry will have a story to tell about grounding out the axles or getting stuck on a set of ruts that threatened to end their trip. It’s an experience no one enjoys and if you haven’t been there we’d suggest you avoid that situation altogether. A proper off-grid camper trailer is going to have 18 – 20 inches of ground clearance (45 – 50 cm) to make sure your trailer can clear the same terrain your vehicle can. We build all our off-road trailers with 21 inches of ground clearance (53 cm) just to be on the safe side. With our all-new OGT Evolution Series Suspension by Fabtech Motorsports, you get a total of 25 inches of ground clearance. A bit of design planning on our part early in the process makes sure you can enjoy more time in more beautiful places.

Lastly, a strong off grid camper trailer needs to have good balance. Weight distribution (both left to right and top to bottom) is really important when you’re on uneven terrain. Our standard onboard components are balanced left-to-right and we make sure all our off road trailers aren’t top heavy. That might seem like an obvious choice, but our engineers and designers spend a lot of time and effort on placement and balance to make sure no one tips a trailer due to an oversight on our part.

We hope this quick overview gives you a peek behind the scenes at our building and design process as well as some insight into our view of what is the starting point for any off grid camping trailer. If you have questions about any of our trailers, their features or what might be a good fit for your adventures, get in touch. We’re always ready to help.

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