Detailed Overview: The Pando 2.0 Overland Trailer

Detailed Overview: The Pando 2.0 Overland Trailer

There is no arguing that we live in a fast-paced, technology driven world--a world where getting back to nature, though a beautiful idea, is somewhat impractical, and logistically; practically impossible. For those of us with families, this idea becomes even more challenging. We want to give children their "wild-hood" but how? Is there an app for that? No, but Off Grid Trailers does have a solution for that in the form of the Pando 2.0 overland teardrop trailer--an off-road trailer that allows you to access nature with no compromise of comfort or convenience to you or your family.

Although safety and reliability are crucial when looking to purchase an overland teardrop trailer they become even more of a factor when we add family into the equation. For this kind of camping, we want a unit that can handle any challenges presented by extreme off-roading and then morph into a trailer that is extremely comfortable, safe, and well-equipped. As there is no running to the store, this trailer needs to be able to carry it all and do it all. The Pando 2.0 is that trailer. Its all aluminum body mounted on a powder coated, 4 inch C-channel steel frame makes this unit light, extremely durable, and impervious to rot. The inclusions of the award winning Timbren 3500 axle-less suspension system, the dual length max coupler articulating hitch, and the 265/70R17 all terrain tires that come standard with this unit give this trailer exceptional off-roading capabilities. Further, the complete insulation of this trailer with CNC cut insulation panels allows for a more comfortable and prolonged camping season
The Pando 2.0 comes with a surprising amount of storage. All storage compartments are sealed and powder coated, and have lockable compression latches ensuring contents remain secure, dry, and dust free. An additional open storage compartment can be found at the top of the unit to accommodate larger items such as lawn chairs or firewood.

The custom roof rack that comes standard with the Pando 2.0 is an invaluable feature of this trailer, which allows you to transport a canoe, kayaks, or bikes. It also allows for the placement of optional features such as a 23 Zero roof top tent, the 23 Zero Peregrine awning, and/or the 23 Zero privacy shower room all of which work to maximize the trailer’s footprint and sleeping capability. Additionally, walk on fenders and steps designed to handle up to 400 pounds of weight have been thoughtfully placed to allow for ease of access to the unit’s roof top and rack.

One of the most outstanding features of OGT’S Pando 2.0 is the impressive stainless steel rear galley kitchen. This covered kitchen with LED lights has it all! The Dometic 2 burner stove, kitchen sink with hot and cold water, 57 L fridge/freezer on a lockable sliding shelf, as well as the large stainless steel prep area with storage for all your food and dining needs makes food preparation and clean-up an easy and enjoyable experience. As a bonus, if you want to stay out longer or are taking provisions for a family, storage is available for the addition of a 60 L fridge/freezer at the side of the trailer.

The Pando 2.0 is an exceptional trailer! Its strong, durable design with OGT’s exacting attention to detail makes for a unit that truly delivers on every level and gives the owner confidence and peace of mind that they are pulling an overland teardrop trailer that will not disappoint. So, if nature beckons; go answer it. No app required.

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