Is There a Teardrop Camp Trailer Season?

Is There a Teardrop Camp Trailer Season?
We should start by defining our terms a bit. A teardrop camp trailer is a versatile camper that is perfect for on-the-go travel or weekend getaways. It is compact, easy to tow, and can provide all the essential amenities for comfortable camping. But is there a specific time of year that's best for using a teardrop camper? By extension, is there a right time to buy a teardrop camp trailer? If you don’t buy your trailer ‘in season’ is there a downside?

The short answer is no, there isn’t really a limit to when you can take your teardrop camp trailer out; it’s a question of preference. Our teardrop camp trailers are designed to be used year-round. They are equipped with insulation, heat and air conditioning so you can stay comfortable regardless of the temperature outside.

The second part of the question (is there a right time to buy?) is a little more nuanced. If you have a specific trip you want to plan for or a season you love to go camping, you’ll certainly want to plan ahead. We have two ways to purchase a teardrop camp trailer and your lead time will vary depending on how you buy. You can either buy one that is already built–which speeds up the process considerably–or you can customize one from scratch. In either case you’ll want to plan on at least 3 month to have your trailer finalized and delivered.

We should add that while we do ramp up production ahead of the main camping season for North America (roughly March to October) we are ready to build and deliver your custom trailer any time of year.

One last note if you’re getting ready to buy your first trailer: it’s a good idea to think of a few test trips you want to take once your trailer is delivered. You may have been camping hundreds of times but you’ll want to get to know your new trailer and its features close to home rather than in a new camping spot or a long drive off the beaten track.

The same goes for winter camping. We’re big supporters of year-round camping, but fine-tuning your camping experience can be a little easier in September than it might be in February…just something to consider if you’re planning out your purchase and delivery timeline. Hopefully this helps you decide when is the right time to buy your teardrop camp trailer. As always, let us know if we can answer any questions or give more information about the trailers we currently have on hand.

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