Top Reasons to Add a Teardrop Trailer Tent

Top Reasons to Add a Teardrop Trailer Tent

If you look through the images on our site, you’ll notice most of our complete teardrop trailers have a tent. Some customers have never used a rooftop tent, but once they try it out, they are convinced! Here are the top three reasons they love the addition to their teardrop trailer.

Tent Sleeping

In North America, most camping is done roughly between April and September. Sure there are plenty of hardy winter campers out there, but when we think of ‘camping season’ it’s also the warmer months. A rooftop tent gives you a perfect spot to catch a little breeze at night (if there is one) and keep the bugs out at the same time. Our users tell us they love sleeping in the fresh air and conserving their onboard energy for essentials like cooking and keeping their devices charged.

Ideal Setup

If you love tent sleeping, you might be thinking, ‘I already have a tent and it works fine’. You’re right, it does work fine, but our users tell us that the quick setup and rooftop storage is a huge help when they roll into a campsite in the evening or after dark. Instead of digging through all their gear to drag out the tent, find all the components and get to work assembling it, they can pull into their site, open the tent up and climb inside. It really makes sleep setup a breeze, which can cut down on the ‘what time will we get there’ anxiety that can come once the sun starts to go down.

Sleep for All

One group of customers who love the rooftop tent is parents. They have told us many times how much their kids like climbing into their rooftop tent each night. Not only can this configuration accommodate more sleepers, kids feel like they are having an amazing outdoor sleepover! The added sleeping space is great when you’re on the road as a family and the kids really appreciate the dedicated sleeping area.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to add a teardrop trailer tent when you’re customizing your build. It's a great use of the space and let’s face it: it’s a pretty great tent. We love the versatility and quality of the tents available on our trailers. All of us at OGT have slept in a cheap tent somewhere in the past and we would never offer an option that wasn’t durable, comfortable and ready to take on the outdoors. If you’re planning out your trailer for this year or next, consider adding one of our rooftop tent configurations.

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