Why Choose a Teardrop Trailer with a Roof Top Tent

Why Choose a Teardrop Trailer with a Roof Top Tent

If you love to explore while you’re enjoying the outdoors then you know that an RV or full-sized camper can be a bit too much. Once you cross an RV off your list, you’re probably thinking about a teardrop trailer or a popup camper. Today we’re discussing why a teardrop trailer with a roof top tent is (in our opinion) the best options for size, maneuverability and versatility while you’re enjoying the outdoors.

Teardrop trailers were created to borrow some of the features of an RV without taking up as much space. Although only one of our models technically has the teardrop trailer shape, we’re big believers in the benefits and versatility of teardrop trailers. Solid body construction gives our trailers the durability and quality you’ll want whether you’re winter camping or just caught in a strong downpour. You’ll always have the option of sleeping "indoors" even if you usually rely on your rooftop tent for additional sleeping spaces.

We love the roof top tents available with all our trailers for three simple reasons: They save space, keep you cool in warm climates and are very simple to open and close. When you have your sleeping quarters above the interior of the teardrop trailer, you can utilize the cabin space for storage during transit and at night without having to choose what stays in the camper and what has to live outdoors while you’re in bed.

If you’re weighing your options, we think you’ll find that a teardrop trailer with a roof top tent gives you all the features you want from an RV without any of the bulk. Teardrops are easy to maneuver and come with plenty of storage space while roof top tents provide an ideal sleeping option for most settings. With these two pieces combined, you’ll be on your way in no time. To learn more about our trailer models and accessories like our rooftop tent configurations, check out the Trailer Builder. You can compare models, accessories and get a feel for how much your dream trailer might cost.

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